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Mike and Aziza
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Guest 1-18-14 3:10 am
Mike and Aziza

I don't think she is sincere at all I get the feeling he was her way over here and I think if she does marry him it will be for the two years and then she'll leave
Guest 2-16-14 9:48 pm

After tonight's show I am wondering about his feelings for her. She is alone over here seems he likes to party with the boys and girls alot
Guest 10-23-16 8:42 pm
Spoiled brat

Anfisa has an extremely high opinion of herself.  She has said in Russia her Grandmother did everything for her.  I have an idea she has had practice dressing up in slinky appearal.

Anfiza, you are not beautiful by American standards and not tall enough to model.  Check that attitude and grow up or go home.  We have enough spoiled American women already.  Go back to Russia!  You're unappreciative, haughty and entitled.
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