Billy Bretherton from "Billy the Exterminator" stars in the A&E reality docu-series.

As the spiked, founder of the Louisiana-based family owned pest control business, Vexcon, Billy Bretherton discovered his love of entomology while serving with the US Air Force in his twenties. While he's trapped, wrangled and the creepiest of creatures, Billy's favorite job was at a 15-story building infested with more than 80,000 cockroaches. Billy says, "When we flushed out and killed the cockroaches they ran into the city streets covering the cars and buildings for 5 city blocks in every direction. We saw roaches 5 stories up on the outside of surrounding buildings. I couldn't believe the mess we created."

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Where does he live? Find out here.

Current Residence: Shreveport, LA
Wife: Mary Bretherton

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patty says:
i love watching your show . i think you are great . i also think you are very cute . im a number 1 fan . patty b
gwen says:
great show.!!!! please tell me,what treatment you use. for ants,wasp, bees, and roaches.?? where can i find it?? thanks.
sally says:
I am concerned re: the "Billy the Exterminator: Bees From Hell" show in that the honey bee population is becoming smaller and the fact that A&E is airing this show where Billy the Exterminator knows nothing about honey bees and naively killing innocent bees with chemical where it shuts their system down and paralyze them (per Billy the Exterminator) when there is a better way of handling the innocent honey bees. Honey bees are good for the society in that they pollinate farmers' crops and produce fruit and honey which we eat. Without them, we will no longer have fruit, honey, flowers and trees which we enjoy every day. There are "experts" out there such as the University Extension services that know what to do with the bees without "harming" and killing these innocent creatures. Billy is so careful to save an eagle but is willing to kill hundreds of innocent honey bees. Honey bees only sting if threatened and once they do sting, they die. So, they are very careful who they sting. As a bee advocate and bee lover, I hate to see this type of abuse being promoted in A&E shows. Please forward my comments to Billy so that future things like this due to ignorance does not cause innocent critters from dying when their lives can be spared where they benefit and not harm the nature and humans. Thanks. Sally E.
linsey says:
As a registered beekeeper in my State, I feel compelled to ask A&E and Billy the Exterminator to be more aware of the demise of the valuable honeybee with CCD etc. These insects in such decline, are a vital part in the pollination of our crops/food source. Perhaps some mention of this in your program would have been a more appropriate and responsible position. I understand in certain circumstances, feral hives may have to be exterminated, but to make this part of your program, may indicate to the uneducated that you advocate this as the only method and this is misleading. The honeybees are facing enough adversity without society's inherent fear and dislike of stinging insects and being fed ideas to chemically exterminate them by your program. Thanking you for your consideration on this point.
dslarue says:
I LOVE Billy The Exterminator!!!!! It's a great show! Does Billy & Mary have any kids? Oh and...I don't feel so old now that I know that Billy is 1 year older than me!!!!! He looks so young...hahaha. Hey Billy, do you know how to get rid of water bugs? I finally found that Boric Acid will do it!!!! Blew my mind!!!!!
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