"Billy the Exterminator" Season 6 on A&E is a funny family docu-soap about the zaniest pest removal company on the planet. The series follows Billy Bretherton and his family members as they are called to take care of Louisiana's worst pest problems. And it's a big business in the swamp-like state of Louisiana. Although there are numerous other pest control companies in the state, Vexcon is the only team that handles all types of animal removal. From tiny ants to giant snakes, Billy and his team have seen everything.

Keeping it in the family, Billy the Exterminator runs Vexcon with the help of his brother Rick, who he describes as "just as crazy as me," his droll father Bill Sr., his sassy Mom Donnie, who runs the offices, and his beloved wife Mary. A former US Air Force Sergeant, and a 15-year pest management industry veteran, Billy has taken a militaristic approach to pest control — and is emerging a victor.

In Season 6, Billy is back in the bayou, ready to battle a new batch of beasts. From a house full of deadly snakes to one of the largest gators he's ever seen, it's up to Billy, brother Ricky and the rest of the Vexcon crew to make Louisiana safe. Things get extra sticky when a house call comes in about a Gila Monster on the loose and another with a wild donkey gone rogue. Armed with his spikes, shades and wits, Billy is on the job, and ready to save the bayou state from its various vexations.

In Season 5, the spiked and studded exterminator of Louisiana returns for more unexpected on-the-job adventures. Billy and Ricky of Vexcon pest-control set out across the country to battle feisty alligators, giant beehives and deadly rattlesnakes. In the season premiere, Billy and Ricky run into some nasty critters in New Orleans and later they're called out to battle a giant alligator that's been eating everything in a lake and eyeing the family dog for dessert.

In season 4, Billy hits the road for the first time in search of challenges that are bigger, badder and better. Whether it's going after giant pythons in the Florida Everglades, wrestling 10-foot gators in Texas, chasing a herd of razor-toothed javelina in Arizona, or fighting off an aerial attack by 30-pound geese in North Carolina, Billy comes to the rescue with humor, compassion, and a whole lot of attitude.

In season 3, the snakes are deadly, the gators are angry, the bees are swarming, and the critters are on the loose — but Billy is ready for battle. Whether he's out-foxing a fox or trapping a giant wild boar, Billy comes to the rescue with humor, compassion, and a whole lot of attitude. Not even a duck blind filled with the triple threat of gators, spiders and venomous snakes is too much of a challenge for Billy and his brother Ricky. And this season, it's even more of a family affair when Donnie, dressed in high heels and Sunday best, heads out into the field with Big Bill at her side to wrangle a snake in a friend's garage.

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Network: A&E
Genre: Reality
Runtime: 30 mins.
Premiere Date: February 4, 2009
Seasons: 6
Production Company: September Films

'Parking Wars' and 'Billy the Exterminator' Both Return for Season 5 — Premiering Saturday, February 11, the A&E series are back for more outrageous driver confrontations and unexpected pest control adventures in Louisiana. Read more...
'Billy the Exterminator' Season 4 Hits the Road — Premiering Tuesday, August 2, the new season sees Billy traveling across the country for the first time in search of challenges that are bigger, badder and better. Read more...
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jim says:
My wife and I love Billy. We look forward to all of his shows and watch some of them over and over again.

Got spoilers? What did you think of the last show?

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