"Bizarre Foods America" is a reality series hosted by Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel.

Pulled guinea pig, roasted alligator, and lamb tongue, oh my! Andrew Zimmern, the James Beard Award-winning TV personality, chef, food writer and teacher, is back and this time he's ditching his passport for the good old U.S.A. This series marks the first time an entire season is dedicated to taking viewers to the backyards of America while exploring the bizarre melting pot of exotic and familiar cultures our nation has to offer. And, who better to discover this red, white and unusual smorgasbord than Andrew Zimmern?

The premiere episode transports viewers to the Twin Cities — Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota — to encounter some of the most progressive and passionate food producers in the country. Always willing to try new things, Zimmern heads outdoors to get a real taste of how Midwesterners catch their comfort food. First, a trip to the river to capture a snapping turtle that's butchered and served deep fried. Then, Zimmern tries his first shot at bow fishing and learns that carp, the fish many foodies consider garbage, can be delicious!

Back indoors, Zimmern turns the heat up on the out-of-the-ordinary cuisine in his adopted hometown when he judges the cook off at the local VFW where the elk and wild rice hot dish is deemed the winner. He also discovers a few local restaurant favorites including a twist on the traditional "Juicy Lucy" burger — a cheese burger where the cheese is inside the burger, a brined and breaded duck testicles appetizer, and a few new dishes using a product known as meat glue.

Throughout the series, Zimmern crisscrosses the United States stopping in cities including Austin, Boston, Detroit, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, San Diego and Seattle helping viewers relate to the traditional foods passed down by immigrants to modern dishes born and bred by American innovation. Along the way, he discovers the quirky subcultures, the enduring traditions and the ways we feed ourselves in America.

Season 6

It's time to cross the border and sample grilled octopus in Vancouver, Canada; fried tail of caiman (an alligator-like creature) in Cartagena, Columbia; and sip a frog smoothie in Lima, Peru. In addition, Season 6 will feature domestic delicacies like rattlesnake paella from Ft. Worth, Texas; barbequed iguana legs in the Florida Keys; grilled sandhill crane in Nashville, Tennessee; and an uncurdled tofu soup in Atlanta, Georgia, with the incomparable Margaret Cho.

The season premiere episode takes viewers to Alaska's Copper River Basin where Zimmern meets the Charley family, a group of Native Americans who live the traditional life of the Ahtna Tribe. The family remains immersed in the traditions of their elders, living off the land for nourishment and in harmony with the seasons. Throughout Zimmern's visit, he is able to experience the Native American culture first-hand.

In the village of Christochina, the clan gives Zimmern a glimpse into their everyday world of hunting, trapping and fishing throughout the rugged country. He explores the region — spearing whitefish (freshwater bottom-dwellers and cousin to the salmon) beneath a display of Northern lights, shooting spruce chicken (medium-sized grouse) and digging up tsaas (wild weeds with a sweet sugary-tasting thick fibrous root).

Zimmern discovers that moose is a staple throughout the region. From smoked moose to moose head soup, all parts of this deer family member are consumed including bone marrow, tissue, tendons, and especially its fat. Another food he experiences while in this frontier land — salmon oil entirely derived from fermented heads. Boiled down into a concentrated decomposed salmon jet fuel-like substance, this pungent smelling delicacy is eaten to supply energy and fat to some foods, and as a dip for smoked salmon strips.

Whether he's traversing North or South America, Zimmern continues to discover the quirky subcultures and prevailing traditions passed down by generations throughout the world.

Season 9

This season, Zimmern celebrates the 200th episode of his "Bizarre Foods" franchise by heading to Philadelphia, a city known for its iconic dishes and storied history. Home to third and fourth generation food artisans and vibrant immigrant neighborhoods, the "City of Brotherly Love" prides itself on preserving tradition and tastes, while at the same time adapting what's always worked into stunning new culinary creations. From scrapple cheesesteak and Zitner's famous Butter Krak candy to old world classics like German liverwursts and Jewish kishke, he finds delicious foods that reflect the city's culinary revolution and still maintain the integrity of what people love about traditional Philly fare. Zimmern even discovers two entirely different twists on the doughnut — one, paired with Middle Eastern style zatar-spiced chicken and the other, a Liberian savory fritter called calla, paired to mop up braised sweet potato greens loaded with cow's feet, goat and served with homemade hot sauce.

Zimmern heads to Guatemala in the season premiere, where ancient flavors are still popular. With Guatemalan celebrity chef Mirciny Moliviatis as his guide, he explores the most unique and culturally important foods in this Central American country that boasts 21 unique Maya cultures. In the city of Antigua, Zimmern visits a restaurant that honors these culinary roots in a variety of stunning dishes, including pepián, a spicy pumpkin seed and chile sauce that is considered the national dish of Guatemala. Then, local photographer Rudy Girón introduces Zimmern to a roadside stand known for its impeccable fried pork skin (chicharrónes). From bull testicle ceviche at the local market to a Sunday family dinner with wild opossum as the main course, Zimmern tastes the rich heritage in every bite.

Throughout this season, Zimmern procures, cooks and breaks bread with locals, helping to prove that sharing food bridges cultures. Whether it's touching the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, cruising the canals in Amsterdam, or hitting the barbecue trail in Kansas City, Zimmern knows there's no better way to learn about a place and its people than by eating a meal together.

Season 10

Throughout this season, Zimmern continues his worldwide quest to taste unique foods in every corner of the globe. Whether it's braving the Atlantic seas in an African fishing canoe, deboning poisonous sea snakes or stuffing a pig's appendix, Zimmern knows the best way to explore other cultures is by sharing food.

In the season premiere, Zimmern travels to Madrid and ventures off the beaten path to discover some new spins on some old classics — snail soup, whole baby pig head, rabbit paella and beef fat bonbon. Madrid is just the first stop on Zimmern's culinary adventure that features a wide range of ethnic cuisine in locations around the world. From sheep's brain in Senegal, smoked herring sperm in Sweden to coconut stew with opossum meat in the Bronx, New York, Zimmern is always game to try what the locals eat.

Season 11

The eleventh season follows Zimmern along a historic route as he experiences America's multi-faceted history through the nation's diverse cuisines and flavors. Showcasing America's story through the "Bizarre Foods" lens, Zimmern makes stops on the Lewis and Clark trail, the Great Lakes coastline communities, the Southern barbeque belt, the Civil War antebellum trail, Route 66 and the Pacific Coast Highway.

"Bizarre Foods" with Andrew Zimmern is produced by Tremendous! Entertainment, Inc. for Travel Channel. Andrew Zimmern is an executive producer. For Tremendous!, the executive producers are Colleen Needles Steward, Shannon Keenan Demers and Matt Hobin. For Travel Channel, the executive producers are David E. Gerber and Chris Weber.

Andrew Zimmern Tours Queens on Bizarre Foods America


Network: Travel Channel
Genre: Reality
Runtime: 60 mins.
Premiere Date: November 1, 2006
Seasons: 11
Production Company: Tremendous! Entertainment, Inc.

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