"Brad Meltzer's Decoded" (History Channel) is hosted by best-selling author, Brad Meltzer, who has been writing novels for more than a decade. As a history buff he's studied and written about some of the most revered institutions and documents in human history; including the Supreme Court, the Presidency, the Secret Service, Wall Street, and the bible. Along the way he's uncovered countless clues, stories and theories that he hasn't been able to investigate but that keep him awake at night. Until now.

In "Brad Meltzer's Decoded," he will investigate hidden clues, codes and symbols that surround us. The 10-part series will draw from Brad's fascination with history, serving as a foundation to inform the past and reveal valuable stories about the future such as, why did earlier generations leave these hidden treasures for us? What are the origins of these previously undiscovered and forgotten pieces of history…and what is their purpose? In fact, endless clues to the future are hidden in the present, yet they can only be revealed if we understand the past.

The mysteries "Decoded" will explore include the real story behind the White House cornerstone, one of the first pieces of our democracy which has been missing for two centuries; the location of the lost Confederate Treasury; the hidden messages of the Statue of Liberty; and whether the Statue of Liberty is anti-religion.

Brad will be assisted by: Scott Rolle, a lawyer and Major in the U.S. Army Reserve who believes there is always more than meets the eye; Christine McKinley, a mechanical engineer who relies on facts and clear evidence in every situation; and Buddy Levy, a professor who believes history is accurate but knows there are two sides to every story. Together they will hunt down answers to some of the most provocative, perplexing mysteries—questions that have been asked for centuries yet until now have never been fully investigated.

Brad is known for the research he applies to all his novels. In fact, former Presidents William J. Clinton and George H.W. Bush have assisted him in his research—research that is so known for its accuracy that he has been a part of the Department of Homeland Security's Red Cell program, which helps explore new ways that terrorists may attack the US.

"Brad Meltzer's Decoded" is produced for History by Go Go Luckey and Berman/Braun. Executive Producers for Go Go Luckey are Gary and Julie Auerbach. Executive Producers for Berman/Braun are Gail Berman, Lloyd Braun and Gene Stein. Brad Meltzer is also Executive Producer. Russ McCarroll is the Executive Producer for History.


Network: History Channel
Genre: Reality
Premiere Date: 2010
Seasons: 1
Production Companies:
Go Go Luckey

'Brad Meltzer's Decoded' Season 2 to Once Again Examine History Hidden in Plain Sight — New topics this season include the Declaration of Independence, Ft. Knox, Billy the Kid, the Vatican and an ancient relic from the Crucifixion. Read more...
'Brad Meltzer's Decoded': Best-Selling Author Reveals U.S. Secrets — Topics to be explored in the new History Channel series include the location of the lost Confederate Treasury, hidden messages of the Statue of Liberty and the real story behind the White House cornerstone. Read more...

brinfan says:
Enjoyed historical aspects but I must be really dumb, 'cause, I don't get it.
cybersaurusrexx says:
Re: The demise of Merryweather Louis. Did Brad do a complete research of the correspondence of President Thomas Jefferson? I would like to respectfully submit that he was frendly with and corresponded with Charles Gottfried Paleske, both while Herr Paleske was Council-General of Prussia and after he became a US Citizen and resided in Philadelphia. Info: Persons Who Took the Oath of Allegiance to PA, Second Book, 1778-1787, Page 105 1784 Dec. 27, Charles Paleske, lately arrived here from Danzig. Mercht. Marriage Notices, 1785-1794, Surnames, O-P, Page 92 Marriage Notices for the whole United States. Paleske, Charles Godfried, at Philadelphia, C.G.P.,Esq., His Prussian Majesty's Council General to the United States of America, to Miss Hannah Elmslie, of that city. (S May 12, 1792.) PALESKE, CHARLES GOTTFRIED. Born in City of Dantzig, May 22, 1758, now a citizen of Phila. September 14, 1803. May 3, 1816. 6.271. To wife Hannah Paleska (daughter of John Elmslie), and our three childen: Lewis, Charles Gottfried and Maria Wilhelmina Paleske. Execs: Wife Hannah Paleske, friend Joseph S. Lewis, merchant in Phila. Witnesses: Peter Leohra, John Shields, John Lohra, Jr. Note: I have a genealogical interest in the identitys of the children of his daughter, Maria Wilhelmina Paleske Smith and Col. Charles Somers Smith, GAR. Sincerely, Orville Smith
drs5432 says:
Your concern over the height of the Liberty is a bit over rated. It was built in France using the metric system and as such that converts to 93 meters tall. Might check that.
sucks123 says:
This is the worst tv show EVER on the history channel. They dont even decoded anything.
heather says:
This show is a damn joke. You do nothing to get no where. You know what gets me? You are doing a show on the AMERICAN HISTORY channel, and guess what? You can't even drive an american made vehicle. I have never in my life seen a show with so much disappointment. You don't even get freakin close to finding anything. I truely think your making a joke out of yourself and a huge waist of time to disappoint veiwers and for you to make a butt ton of money to laugh at yourself and really find nothing of interest. You say you need facts and you need to dig deeper. Keep your damn promise and if you think your going to get somewhere then do it. Listening to everyone else talk is a joke then mr brad comes on to talk a little and make himself look good. Why don't we see brad in actual action. I think you need to re write your scripts here and do something about this stupid show. If I want to learn something I want to learn it not just hear rumors. I want facts not rumors. What a joke of a pathetic *** show.

Got spoilers? What did you think of the last show?

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