Brent Bruns Sr. from "Doomsday Castle" stars in the National Geographic Channel reality docu-series.

This former infantryman is turning his attention toward prepping — and protecting his family — by expending all of his energy on building an EMP-proof medieval castle in an undisclosed location deep in the Carolina woods. Brent Bruns Sr. wants to impart his knowledge to his children and help them develop their own survival skill sets to carry on his legacy — even after the end of days.

Brent is a businessman on the East Coast of Florida. He is divorced with 10 kids, ages 8 to 41 years old. During the Y2K scare in 1999 Brent started prepping and stockpiling food, water and weapons. He is nervously anticipating an EMP that he believes will knock out the entire power grid.

To protect his family, he is building the ultimate bug-out fortress — a medieval castle. His fortress is still under construction, but someday it will be an 8,000 square foot castle complete with an underground bunker he plans to furnish like a regular home. Located on a remote 200-acre plot of land in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the home lies 1500 feet above sea level. Brent and his kids travel down from Florida and prepare the castle for an EMP, as well as equipping the castle with off-grid capabilities such as windmills and solar paneling. His 10 kids are all competing to someday run their father's legacy and take over the "throne."

'Doomsday Castle': Brent offers 3 tips for surviving the End of Days

Family Prepares to Survive Armageddon in 'Doomsday Castle' — Premiering Tuesday, August 13, the new National Geographic Channel reality spin-off series comes from the producers of "Doomsday Preppers." Read more...

Who is he dating? What do you think of him?

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