"Andrea & Ivy" - Episode 701

Bridezilla Andrea is a former wild child planning a gothic Halloween ceremony where she will marry her high school sweetheart, but this wedding is really bringing out Andrea's dark side! No one is safe—her jokester fiancé, innocent family members or the stylist who messes up her dye job. Andrea is on the warpath and won't settle for anything that might sidetrack her "goth bridal vision". Meanwhile, Bridezilla Ivy is actually a professional wedding coordinator who has become her own nightmare client. Watch out because Ivy has a sharp eye, and an even sharper tongue! Still, it's Ivy's mom who really takes the cake by planning a few unwelcome surprises that her nitpicking daughter doesn't see coming.

"Ivy & Shandra" - Episode 702

Bridezilla Ivy is the strict wedding coordinator who is finally having her own big day—but Momzilla is a spitfire with endless antics, resulting in a major faux pas and the mother of all Bridezilla blow ups! Meanwhile, Bridezilla Shandra has a serious case of sibling rivalry on her hands. Shandra's sister openly tries to steal the spotlight while Shandra's bridesmaids seem to be disappearing left and right. Can this 'zilla catch a break or will she wind up walking down the aisle all alone?

"Shandra & Sara" - Episode 703

When Bridezilla Shandra plays musical bridesmaids, things hit a sour note! The bridal party breaks out into a brawl and Shandra isn't quick to set a better example. Meanwhile, Bridezilla Sara (a spoiled self-proclaimed princess who cries at the drop of a hat) seems like a handful until you meet her mother, who is really is the original queen bee! This dysfunctional mother-daughter duo just can't seem to keep the peace and its turning Sara's wedding week into a battle royal!

"Sara & Natalie" - Episode 704

Bridezilla Sara has just a few days left before her wedding, but her time management issues and princess attitude are driving her friends and family over the edge. On the day before the wedding, Sara's Momzilla gets into a huge argument with the groom, but its Sara who gets into really hot water when she's called out for claiming that the maid of honor only got pregnant to upstage her! Meanwhile, Bridezilla Natalie can't seem to communicate her big planning ideas, but that doesn't stop her from complaining when no one can get them right! When she isn't busy torturing her friends and vendors, she finds herself contemplating whether she really wants to get married at all!

Bridezillas 100th Episode
"Natalie & Martina" - Episode 705

As the clock ticks down to Bridezilla Natalie's wedding, this indecisive bride can't seem to settle on anything – from the color of her nail polish, to whether she should get married at all! From haggling with her caterer over a meager, appetizers-only wedding menu, to interrupting her bridesmaid's pedicure and forcing her to model her dress, she has no trouble making sure everyone else is following her every command – no matter how vague it may be. Meanwhile, paranoid Bridezilla Martina is convinced that her wedding party is using her wedding to get even with her for past offenses. In fact, when one of her bridesmaids suffers a death in her family and tells Martina she has to miss the wedding, this hardcore Bridezillas threatens to cut her out of her life – for good.

"Martina & Michelle" - Episode 706

As her wedding day draws near, Bridezilla Martina's become increasingly demanding. She throws a fit when her mother misses a dress fitting to go to an important doctor's appointment, and forces her fiancé to do all her pre-wedding errands. When her family and bridal party are no-shows for her wedding rehearsal, Martina threatens to walk down the aisle without them. Meanwhile, Bridezilla Michelle can't seem to win with her last-minute, poorly planned wedding. She's already booted two bridesmaids—one for being a flake and the other for cheating with the groom! It isn't helping matters that Michelle's estranged mother is throwing wrenches into her plans at every turn. With family and friends like these, it'll be a true feat if she pulls this wedding off!

"Michelle & Mia" - Episode 707

With her mother and sisters seemingly sabotaging her every move, Bridezilla Michelle is running out of time and patience. It started with showing up late to her bachelorette party, but Michelle's sisters seem to be letting her down at every turn. To make matters worse, Michelle can't seem to plan anything in advance—be it a room setup or a manicure. All this stress and family drama are building towards an explosive, wedding-day throw-down you'd have to see to believe. Meanwhile space cadet Bridezilla Mia has let everything on her wedding list go. She has no shoes, no ring and didn't schedule time for any dress alterations. With her bridesmaids wondering how she's going to pull this wedding off in time, family throwing up their hands at the disorganization, Mia can only seem to focus on the one thing she cares about...FOOD.

"Mia & Maria" - Episode 708

Just days before the wedding, Bridezilla Mia's list of unfinished business grows longer and longer. The fact that she hasn't even sent out wedding invitations certainly doesn't help! Everything is last-minute with this 'zilla. When she's not concocting half-baked weight loss schemes, she's trying to manipulate her mother into shelling out more of her retirement savings for the wedding (even though Mia has her own secret account). When Mom finally puts her foot down, will the whole wedding fall to pieces? Meanwhile, Bridezilla Maria is driving her whole wedding party nuts with her wedding preparations. This conceited diva refuses to lift a finger, but has no problem dishing out the commands. From making wedding favor chocolates, to critiquing her bridesmaids in their dresses, yet refusing to participate in her bridal boot-camp workout, Maria always knows best.

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