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ABC's "Brothers & Sisters" is a primetime drama from executive producers Ken Olin and playwright Jon Robin Baitz about the California-based Walker family. In "Brothers & Sisters," we meet a collection of incredibly intertwined and somewhat damaged adult siblings who embrace one another unconditionally while striving to reflect the perceived perfection of their role model parents. In the days ahead, they will navigate waves of temptation, deception and grief. 

"Brothers & Sisters" follows the Walkers through the maze of American life today—the pressures, limitless options and the struggle to grow beyond our backgrounds into ourselves. Through these fascinating siblings—Sarah (Rachel Griffiths), the corporate VP who returns to the family business so she can give to her marriage as much as she does to her career; Thomas (Balthazar Getty), the loyal son yet charming womanizer; Kevin (Matthew Rhys), the gay lawyer cautiously learning about love; Justin (Dave Annable), the baby of the family, grappling with war trauma and addiction; and Kitty (Calista Flockhart), right-wing radio host turned TV pundit who has always been Daddy's little girl—"Brothers & Sisters" explores what it means to be a family in the 21st century, and how these brothers and sisters balance their own lives as they strive to accept their parents as people—flawed, contradictory and forgivable—rather than just as a father and mother.

The parents on "Brothers & Sisters" are Tom Skerritt as William Walker, the larger-than-life patriarch and president of the family business, and Sally Field as Nora Holden, the opinionated wife and mother to the five Walker siblings. Then there's Ron Rifkin as Saul Holden, Nora's dandyish brother; John Pyper-Ferguson as Sarah's husband, Joe; Sarah Jane Morris as Tommy's wife, Julia; and Patricia Wettig as the mystery woman who could bring the Walkers and their company down.

"Brothers & Sisters" stars Calista Flockhart ("Ally McBeal") as Kitty, Rachel Griffiths ("Six Feet Under") as Sarah, Sally Field ("Norma Rae") as Nora Holden, Ron Rifkin ("Alias") as Saul Holden, Patricia Wettig ("thirtysomething") as Holly, Balthazar Getty ("Alias") as Thomas, Dave Annable ("Reunion") as Justin, Matthew Rhys ("Titus," "Love and other Disasters") as Kevin, John Pyper-Ferguson ("Unforgiven," "Nightstalker") as Joe, Sarah Jane Morris ("Felicity") as Julia, Emily VanCamp ("Everwood") as Rebecca Harper and Kerris Lilla Dorsey as Paige.


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