Bucky Covington in "American Idol 5"Simon Cowell to Bucky Covington: If this were a paid concert, this is the point I'd leave. (3/29/06)

Simon Cowell to Bucky Covington: We've got to talk about this Jessica Simpson hairstyle. (3/14/06)

Simon Cowell to Bucky Covington: [We] get a lot of so-called rockers on this show, then we find out that they’ve been performing at weddings all their life, they [just] wear a leather jacket.  There are thousands of bars across America where you’ll find somebody like Bucky just doing their stuff. (2/22/06)

Bucky Covington: I learned two words a long time ago that help out a lot: Screw it. If something's bothering you, don't dwell on it. Just let it go. Worrying ain't gonna do nothing but make it worse.

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