Chelsea Houska from "Teen Mom 2" is one of the teenage mothers on the MTV reality docu-series. Chelsea ("Teen Mom 2") was previously featured on Season 2 of MTV's "16 and Pregnant."

"Teen Mom 2"

Popular softball star Chelsea Houska dropped out of high school senior year while pregnant with her daughter, Aubree. Chelsea continues to have a tumultuous relationship with Aubree's father, Adam, but luckily has a strong network of support from friends and family, and most of all, from her father. Now, Chelsea is moving into a place of her own with her best friend and Aubree. She dreams of enrolling in beauty school, but it's proving tougher than she thought as she works to stay motivated and earn her high school diploma online. Meanwhile, her ongoing, emotional tug-of-war with Adam keeps escalating, and her friends and family get increasingly vocal about wanting him out of her life for good. Yet, Chelsea struggles to find a line between others' expectations and her own desire to give her daughter a loving family with both parents in the picture.

"16 and Pregnant"

Chelsea Houska is the ultimate Daddy's girl from Vermillion, South Dakota. She always has a smile on her face, unless something doesn't go her way, which happens a lot with boyfriend, Adam. Always up for something fun and constantly surrounded by friends, Chelsea has to settle down when she finds out she's pregnant with Adam's baby her junior year in high school.

Adam has never been a good boyfriend and nothing has changed since Chelsea got pregnant. He spends more time with his car than he does with Chelsea. The baby will be here soon and it's time for Adam to get serious, so Chelsea's dad sits down to have a talk with him. Adam admits he's been immature in the past but he's ready to grow up and take responsibility for their baby. Chelsea and Adam's relationship is better than ever. Hopefully it lasts...

Thirty weeks into her pregnancy, Chelsea experiences early contractions and the doctor tells her the baby could come early. Chelsea needs to go out while she still can so she and friends get ready to go to the last party of the summer. Adam half-heartedly decides to come along but when he's late, they decide to meet him there. Adam arrives to the party mad at Chelsea and leaves within minutes of getting there.

Chelsea's friends hate Adam and don't understand why she keeps giving him more chances but Chelsea believes the baby will change him. It's the first day of her senior year and the first time she's been in school with her big belly. Chelsea's too big to fit in her desk and too uncomfortable to concentrate in class but she doesn't have to endure school much longer when her contractions start. Chelsea goes into labor despite being five weeks early. She gives birth to a precious baby girl named Aubree Skye. As a preemie, Aubree is born with an immature nervous system and the doctors are concerned with her health.

Aubree gets stronger in the hospital and it seems like Adam is ready to step up and be a dad when he gives Aubree his last name on the birth certificate. Aubree stays in the hospital to gain some weight but Chelsea and Adam are close by at her mom's house. Aubree is finally healthy enough to go home and Chelsea's mom teaches her how to care for her newborn baby. Adam offers no help and doesn't understand why Chelsea doesn't want to go out the first night Aubree's home.

Chelsea is at home getting used to life as a new mother and Adam hasn't offered to help once. He doesn't even come to Aubree's doctor appointment when she has respiratory problems. Adam sees nothing wrong with his behavior when Chelsea sits down to talk to him.

Adam completely cuts Chelsea off after their talk but she still manages to have hope for their relationship. Chelsea decides to attend her high school's homecoming football game to raise her spirits in spite of feeling guilty about leaving Aubree home. Adam finds out that she spent a night out with her friends and sends hateful text messages saying she's a bad mother and Aubree was a mistake. Chelsea is, obviously, a wreck when she reads these messages from Adam.

The last conflict with Adam has made things much clearer for Chelsea. It's one thing to say hateful things about her, but not her daughter. Chelsea decides to legally change Aubree's last name to her own. Hopefully this means Chelsea's ready to move forward without Adam in her life. She starts high school again and although she isn't sure if she'll be able to graduate on time, she's doing the best she can. Chelsea realizes Adam isn't responsible enough to have a child and she's focusing on what's best for her and Aubree.

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Hometown: Vermillion, SD

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smileyface says:
hi Chelsea. i was just watching your 16 and pregnant episode. it made me cry almost the whole time. my boyfriend was exactly the same way except he said worse to me. i have never been pregnant and i dont have a daughter (btw she is beautiful!)like you. but i know how it feels to be in love with someone who is basically a bipolar jerk. i understand you want him in Aubree's life and that you also want him in yours. but given my past i advise you to be cautious with him. and be ready to get hurt constantly. the angry texts never stop. don't let him go too far though! for your sake and Aubree's. I wish you the best. and though i hate reality shows and mtv most of the time i will be watching teen mom just to see how you are doing :) goodluck!
beautiful says:
Heeeey Chelsea ; I just wanted to say I would like gto be pen pals & explain my life & self t you. You seem like an amazing girl & have a great head on youur shoulders. Email me when you get the chance. God Bless you & your beautiful daughter
beautiful says:
Heeeey Chelsea ; I just wanted to say I would like gto be pen pals & explain my life & self t you. You seem like an amazing girl & have a great head on youur shoulders. Email me when you get the chance. God Bless you & your beautiful daughter
lovemybabies says:
Hi Chelsea- I wanted to send you a hello! My now husband and I were once in your situation. We had a child young, finished college and now have three children! I love watching you and your beautiful little girl and I hope everything works out! Raising a baby is the most rewarding job in the world. Everything else will fall into place! :)
keepitsimple says:
Just wanted to say that you are a very very beautiful girl and would gladly take the place of the jerk bf. Aubrey is beuatiful thanks to you. You have a great father. I am a guy and I have to say that I want to be the same father as yours.

Who is she dating? What do you think of her?

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