Christinna Renee Robinson from "16 and Pregnant" is one of the teenagers featured in Season 2 of the MTV reality docu-series. She is from Buffalo, New York.

She is a student at Erie Community College and is currently divorced. She gave birth to a beautiful girl, Destiny Brianna Robinson, on December 22, 2009.

17-year-old Christinna Renee Robinson was never a big sports fan, but after moving to Huntsville, Alabama and dating Isiah, the star of the football team, she's gotten used to it. When her mom moved back to New York, Christinna stayed in Alabama planning to go off to college with Isiah, but now everything has changed because she is pregnant.

With the unexpected news of a baby on the way, Isiah turns down his college football scholarship and gets a job. His family isn't thrilled with his decision and blames Christinna for his decision to stay in Huntsville for their baby. Determined to be a family, Isiah and Christinna sneak off and get married without anyone's blessing. Isiah's grandmother, Kathy, is the most upset about the marriage and Isiah turning down his scholarship. She isn't convinced the baby is even his, causing a lot of tension between Christinna and Isiah's family. Christinna's plans for the future have changed also, but no one in Isiah's family seems concerned about her future.

Christinna's friends know she's frustrated with Isiah's family and they throw her a baby shower to cheer her up, but it doesn't work. With all of the problems at Isiah's house, Christinna wants to move out as soon as possible. They start apartment hunting and realize they can't afford much on Isiah's paycheck. When Christinna finds out that Isiah spent $300 on speakers for his car, she's angry with him. However, she really wants to work it through.

As Christinna's due date gets closer, Isiah finds them an apartment they can move into just in time. Christinna has painful contractions but it takes an entire day of labor before she's ready to push. After hours of no progress, Christinna has a C-Section and Destiny arrives. Isiah's family puts their frustrations aside and come to see Destiny. After some time at home with Destiny, Isiah has to go back to work, leaving Christinna at home with all the responsibility. With no money for daycare, Christinna is finding it hard to try to go back to school, so she decides to drop her college classes.

Isiah regrets giving up his football scholarship and wishes he could've found a way to make it all work. Isiah's family is still pushing Isiah to get a paternity test and fear that he threw his future away for a baby that might not be his. Kathy confronts Christinna about getting a paternity test and Christinna is devastated, as she knows that Destiny is Isiah's daughter.

Isiah realizes that he and Christinna need to work things out themselves without outside influence. They know their relationship can work as long as they both put the effort into it. Christinna understands Isiah's families concerns, but knows this situation is not all her fault. She is determined not to give up on her dreams and plans on figuring out a way to go back to college.

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Where does she live? Find out here.

Full Name / Real Name: Christinna Renee
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Current Residence: Huntsville, AL

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sherri says:
i like her i dont like how she is being treated by her baby daddys fam thats really messed up i would have took my baby and walked out too
jacinta says:
i would like to no the update on both parents,for christinna whats done is done just continue to move forward and follow ur dream as teaching,for isiah you should have went to school and if i was your grandma or mother i would have been telling you the samething but i wouldnt have no disrespect christinna because you are a young man and you need to wake up and start acting like one and if i was you you need not to blame someone else for your mistakes you made in life learn from them and stand up and continue to b a man a wiser one i wish you and christinna the best of luck
courtneyfaulk86 says:
I think that u all can have a beautiful life together if he stands up to his family about his wife and daughter because sometimes family can be wrong about your relationship take it from me I know all about these things I think that u have a beautiful wife and baby and it's worth fighting for just pray and god will lead the way
sharelle says:
girl ruuuuun!!!! his family is selfish, judgemental, and very money hungry!! it's funny how since isaih turned down his scholarship, all of a sudden she wanna sue mtv, she needs to except the fact that she broke!! tryna make money any way she can. maybe if isaih becomes management at that sandwich shop they can make an extra .50 cents and she can shut up!!!
kathleen says:
To Sharelle!! I am not broke unlike yourself and sometimes parents strive to want the best for thier children and grand children it is obvious that you have no one in your life that cares that much. BTW, I did not make one penny from MTV and I did not sign a contract. So unless you know what you are talking about You should SHUT UP!!!

Who is she dating? What do you think of her?

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