"Coriolanus" is a movie starring Ralph Fiennes, who also produces and directs from a screenplay by John Logan, based on the play by William Shakespeare.

Rome is a city, and a republic, on edge. A food crisis has laid bare the tensions and inequities between the comfortable ruling elite and the general population forced to subsist on rations. The Senate has declared a state if emergency, even as the dominant Patrician party tries to diffuse public anger. But riots are spreading and the people's fury has focused itself on the Republic's most courageous general, Caius Martius (Ralph Fiennes), who has suspended civil liberties and publicly expressed his scorn for their suffering.

Civil unrest is not Rome's only trouble. It is mired in a long-running war with the Volsces, a neighboring state whose guerrilla-style army is led by Martius' sworn enemy, Tullus Aufidius (Gerard Butler). Following the latest, brazen Volscian provocation, Martius is summoned to a council of war by his commanding officer, General Cominius (John Kani). Rome must retaliate, and Martius will take the fight into Volscian territory. It is an assignment that delights Martius' devoted other, Volumnia (Vanessa Redgrave), a military woman who has invested every ounce of her being into molding her only son as a soldier. Volumnia has every confidence that Martius will reap yet more glory, but for his gentle wife, Virgilia (Jessica Chastain), the coming days will be filled with anxiety and fear.

Arriving at the outskirts of the Volscian city of Corioles, Martius and his forces are met by a blistering attack. Refusing to retreat, Martius charges into the city center and, in his white-hot energy, single-handedly turns the tide of battle. Bloodied and unstoppable, he rallies his men and takes Corioles for Rome. It is a crushing defeat for the Volsci, and Martius returns to Rome a public hero. On the floor of the Senate, he is awarded the title "Coriolanus," in honor of his victory at Corioles.

Eager to see her son continue his ascent, Volumnia presses Coriolanus to seek the powerful government position of Consul. Though deeply reluctant, Coriolanus agrees. His decision is warmly received by the influential political veteran, Senator Menenius (Brian Cox), a family friend who can offer sage advice about how to gauge and respond to the public mood.

To become Consul, Coriolanus must secure the support of the Senate, which is virtually a foregone conclusion in a chamber with a Patrician majority. However, he must also win the votes of the general population, and at first he resists engaging in the necessary glad-handing, resenting it as a compromise of his integrity. Under pressure, he finally relents and makes his case to the public at the city marketplace. Not a natural politician, he handles his canvassing awkwardly and Coriolanus' allies are relieved when he secures the crowd's consent.

But the General's political enemies, the Tribunes Brutus (Paul Jesson) and Sicinius (James Nesbitt), cannot let this stand. Elected to represent ordinary Romans, Brutus and Sicinius remind their constituents of Coriolanus' past actions and the threat he represents to their interests. Joining the Tribunes' campaign are the underground political activists Tamora (Lubna Azabal) and Cassius (Ashraf Barhom), who have long brandd Coriolanus an enemy of the people.

With lightening speed, the public turns on Coriolaus and masses in demonstration against him. Coriolanus erupts in rage, unwittingly playing into the hands of his political foes, who accuse him of treason. As violence threatens to engulf Rome, Coriolanus is publicly disgraced and banished from the city.

Now stateless and seeking revenge for Rome's ingratitude and treachery, Coriolanus journeys to the city of Antium, the Volscian capital and home to his enemy, Tullus Aufidius. With nothing to lose, he searches out his old adversary and boldly offers him a choice. Aufidius can either take Coriolanus' life or accept his help in defeating Rome. Confronted by his greatest enemy, Aufidius must decide whether finally to destroy his rival or join forces with him in battle ...

"Coriolanus" is a Hermetof Pictures, Kalkronkie and Icon Entertainment Intl. presentation in association with Magna Films, Atlantic Swiss Prods., Lip Sync Prods., BBC Films, Artemis Films, Magnolia Mae Films and Synchronistic Pictures of a Lonely Dragon production. Producers are Ralph Fiennes, John Logan, Gabrielle Tana, Julia Taylor-Stanley and Colin Vaines. Executive producers are Marko Miskovic, Will Young, Robert Whitehouse, Christopher Figg, Norman Merry, Christine Langan, Anthony Buckner and Carolyn Marks Blackwood. Co-producer is Kevan Van Thompson.


Genre: Drama
Release Date: January 20, 2012
Tagline: Nature teaches beasts to know their friends.
Country: UK
Distributor: The Weinstein Company
Production Companies:
Hermetof Pictures
Icon Entertainment International
Magna Films
Atlantic Swiss Productions
Lip Sync Productions
BBC Films
Artemis Films
Magnolia Mae Films
Synchronistic Pictures
Lonely Dragon

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