"Doomsday Preppers" Season 4 is a reality series on National Geographic Channel.

If the Mayans were right, and the world ends December 21, 2012, are you prepared? Your neighbors might be, and they're not sharing their supplies. Most of us barely have enough water to last 48 hours, but preppers are preparing for the end of the world as we know it — working around the clock to ensure that they and their families remain safe — whether that's from the Mayan end, an F-5 tornado, economic collapse or a mega-earthquake.

No gimmicks or games, the original that spawned cable copycats and started a prepping phenomenon, focuses on the lives of otherwise ordinary Americans who are preparing for the end of the world, with experts who analyze the thoroughness of their preps. These men and women stand united in their unshakable certainty that America and the world soon face tougher times — times when grocery stores are empty, urine might be converted to drinking water and electricity is only a dream.  

Preppers come in all shapes, ages, sizes, worries and preparedness levels. But many of them rely on having a fail-safe "buggin' out plan." A term widely used in the prepper community, "buggin' out" basically means grabbing your bug out bag (a backpack with supplies that will allow a person to survive up to three days) and getting out of sight. When things get crazy, preppers plan to leave the disaster or threatening situation and go to a secret bug out location. Many preppers have different kinds of bug out locations, including a cave or underground shelter. In season two, we'll meet a plethora of individuals who are committed to thinking through every contingency plan. We'll meet a diabetic mother stockpiling insulin to survive the devastation of an F-5 tornado she fears is coming; a 14-year-old preparing for a global economic collapse; a millionaire getting ready for a massive earthquake; and a " Brady Bunch " type prepping family with six children who anticipate a terrorist smallpox epidemic.

Running emergency drills and stockpiling food and weapons are basic parts of a prepper's life. They'll go to whatever lengths deemed necessary to make sure they are prepared if simple services should falter, and chaos and violence become the order of the day. Each episode will include an assessment by an expert who analyzes how prepared the preppers actually are if their worst fears become a reality and they have to put their plans into action. Viewers are left to make their own decision as to whether the preppers are tip-top planners … or just plain paranoid.

"Doomsday Preppers" is produced by Sharp Entertainment for National Geographic Channel (NGC). For Sharp Entertainment, executive producer is Matt Sharp and co-executive producer is Alan Madison. For NGC, executive producer is Kathleen Cromley and executive vice president of programming is Michael Cascio.

American Blackout Trailer: Would You Survive If the Lights Went Out?


Network: NGC
Genre: Reality
Runtime: 60 mins.
Premiere Date: June 27, 2011
Seasons: 4
Production Company: Sharp Entertainment

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