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"Dual Survival" is a reality series on Discovery Channel about how to survive in the wild.

Experts agree there are some very basic — and universal — rules for surviving in the wild. Find shelter, find water, find food, find help. Beyond that, there's not much they agree on. Meet military-trained Dave Canterbury and naturalist Cody Lundin — trained survival experts featured in Discovery Channel's "Dual Survival." Together, Canterbury and Lundin take on some of the planet's most unforgiving terrain to demonstrate — in their own way — how the right skills and some creative thinking can keep you alive.

The duo is dropped into a scenario that could happen to anyone: marooned boaters, lost hikers, stranded mountain climbers. Equipped with minimal gear that would have been carried in the real-life situations, Canterbury and Lundin must draw upon their arsenal of skills to devise extraordinary ways to use what they can find in their surroundings, as well as ordinary objects, and demonstrate what it takes to stay alive. How will they use a 35mm camera, condoms and a pack of cigarettes in the Laos jungle? Or a car battery, electrical wiring, tires and seat cushions from a broken-down car in Peru?

"Dual Survival" is produced for Discovery Channel by Original Media, where Charlie Corwin and Jay Peterson are executive producers and Brian Lovett is co-executive producer. For Discovery Channel, Tim Pastore is the executive producer.