Dunbar Flinn from "The Challenge: Rivals II" is one of the contestants on Season 24 of the MTV reality competition series in summer 2013. He is teamed up with his rival, Tyrie Ballard, who has never liked Dunbar, thinking he is an undeserving player in the game. Dunbar was completely oblivious to the fact that Tyrie hated him and was on a vendetta to eliminate him.

Dunbar previously competed in "The Challenge: Battle of the Exes," with his ex Paula Meronek, and "Real World Road Rules Challenge: Cutthroat," as well as "The Ruins" and "The Duel 2." He was originally on "The Real World: Sydney."

Rivals II

Imagine not even knowing why your rival had it in for you. That's the situation Dunbar walked into when he arrived in Thailand. However, his partner Tyrie has a longer memory when it comes to the "Challenge," explaining, "Our relationship goes back to 'The Island' where Dunbar basically got cakewalked to a power position. Seeing him be successful right off the bat without necessarily having to earn anything, it rubbed me the wrong way." Now reunited on "Rivals II," Dunbar worries Tyrie might not have what it takes to go the distance. "I hate that Tyrie is my partner. He just doesn't seem to have the skill sets that win Challenges. It's not all about running people over. You gotta climb, you gotta swim, you gotta swing on stuff," he laments. A former "Challenge" champ, Dunbar has already proven he can win, but will need to keep his temper in check in order to survive socially. Tyrie notes, "We're both very hotheaded. Two hotheaded people usually end in an explosion." Can these two channel their competitive fire? Or is this time bomb doomed to detonate?

Battle of the Exes

Paula was attracted to Dunbar on their first show together, The Island, and the twosome had a fleeting hookup. Later on The Duel II, after a jealous Paula caught Dunbar kissing opposing team member Kimberly, she successfully orchestrated Kimberly's elimination, causing Dunbar to dub Paula, "the worst friend he's ever had." Ever since then, their relationship has been rocky at best, as Paula clearly states, "What did I do in life to end up being attached to this man? I cannot be with him! He's annoying and obnoxious." Dunbar, as well, seems to be worried about his newest partner, professing, "Paula needs to learn to trust and listen to me. And that's probably not going to happen because — oh yeah — she hates me!" It seems as though the only thing this pair of exes can agree upon is their mutual hatred.


Dunbar Flinn has quickly become a familiar face on "The Challenge." Unfortunately, he has failed to win during any of his three appearances. This Southern hunk plans on breaking that losing streak at long last, stating, "It's time for me to win. I'm tired of making it to the end and not winning." Is this finally Dunbar's time to shine? This cast has some of his strongest allies from past seasons, but Dunbar's been burnt before, and he knows just how quickly a close friend can become a hated adversary.

The Ruins

Dunbar Flinn is on the Challengers team. We last saw Dunbar engaging a bizarre love triangle with Paula Meronek and Kim Alexander on "The Duel 2," while continuing to struggle with his feelings for his girlfriend at home. In Thailand, Dunbar returns to the Challenge a single man. This lovable lug insists that his time on "The Duel 2" has taught him about the politics of the game. Recently unemployed, he is ready to finally take home some serious cash. However, Dunbar is emotional and has a notoriously short-fuse that others love to spark. Will he be able to find his inner-Zen in "The Ruins"?

The Duel 2

When we met Dunbar Flinn in Sydney, we found out fast that he was more than a little opinionated and more than a little hot-headed. He also struggled to with his feelings for his roommate Ashli while trying to stay faithful to his girlfriend back home. But once back home, Dunbar and his girlfriend have made a real go at it and are still living together back in his hometown. He is a general manager of bar and restaurant operations at a casino and is developing a paddle sports-related non-profit organization to help revitalize the New Orleans region. Dunbar is also a fierce competitor who wants a shot at winning this time, after losing his chance when Evelyn Smith took his key and locked him out of the final challenge on "The Island." Will he manage to survive in New Zealand?

The Real World: Sydney

At first glance, Dunbar Flinn appears to be the stereotypical southern fraternity boy, but a series of life-changing obstacles has forced him to learn responsibility. When his family lost everything after a money-laundering scandal, Dunbar was forced to negotiate his own financial situation, and since then has taken full responsibility for his livelihood. He enrolled in the military to help build his college fund, and now he attends Ole Miss. Dunbar is well-spoken and opinionated on political issues, literature and poetry. Though he doesn't seem the "relationship" type, he is very committed to his girlfriend back home.

Original Series: "Real World: Sydney"

Past RW/RR Challenges: "The Island," "The Duel 2"

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Age: ∼32 years old
Hometown: Natchez, MI

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