"Ice Lake Rebels" is a reality series that airs on Animal Planet.

Not all outlaw towns disappeared along with the Wild West. In Canada's Northwest Territories lays an isolated frozen lake where people reside free from taxation and the rule of law. The inhabitants of Great Slave Lake live entirely according to their own standards; however, their frozen utopia isn't always what it's cracked up to be — especially when the ice begins to crack beneath their homes. This series reveals a world free of regulations where fearless men and women battle hunger, perilous terrain and the constant threat of freezing to death just for the chance to live life off the grid.

The premiere episode kicks off a few days before the lake's winter freeze. During this pivotal period, one wrong move could mean losing your home — or your life. But those who make it through the freeze still face extreme adversity: they need to find food and maintain their houses and heat sources to survive the ever-changing conditions on the five-foot-thick frozen ice sheet. The danger escalates when the seasons change, and spring brings the thaw. The surface of the Great Slave ice cracks apart, and everything on top of it shifts, leaving the rebels in fear for their homes and their safety.

For the denizens of Great Slave Lake, the only threat as daunting as broken ice and frigid water is each other as these modern-day frontiersmen compete for the most secure locations on the lake and for scarce supplies. This series questions the tradeoff: is a lawless, liberated life worth the never-ending cycle of hard work, danger and uncertainty, or do the risks outweigh the rewards?

Season 2

This season, newcomers and longtime denizens of Great Slave are again pushed to the limit by the ever-changing life cycle and erratic nature of the lake. With a polar vortex causing temperatures to plummet earlier than normal, the community turns to each other for support. Neophytes and experts must scramble to secure floating homes before the ice freezes solid, bearing in mind that one wrong move could lead to disastrous results for the rest of winter.

For those who withstand the freeze-up, daily life is still difficult. While some residents ponder whether living life in cold and constant danger is worth it, others persevere knowing that life on the lake provides a sanctuary unlike anywhere else on Earth. This season poses the following crucial questions:

• Veteran Pike Mike utilizes old-style arctic techniques to insulate his home and survive the brutal cold. But with temperatures dropping to extreme lows, can his primitive ways hold up against Mother Nature?

• Molly grew up on the lake and returns for the winter after living in the city. Molly's father, Gary, is considered to be one of the founding fathers of life on the lake and is always willing to help his daughter. But Molly is determined to be more independent and survive the lake on her own. Can she be successful in living outside her father's shadow?

• Dene First nation natives and first time lake dwellers Kyle and Payton think the rewards outweigh the risks of life on the lake, and they plan to utilize their native skills to navigate the winter. But, does keeping their barge afloat, heated and dry during get the best of them?

• Long-time lakers Stephan and Allyce prepare for freeze up, but have more on their minds. The newlyweds want to start a family, but their aging one-room houseboat is not ideal for raising a newborn. Allyce convinces Stephan to move to her "dream home" — a bigger houseboat, but the location is not ideal. Must they risk isolation and happiness by looking for a more sensible alternative?

"Ice Lake Rebels" is produced for Animal Planet by This Is Just a Test. Melinda Toporoff is the executive producer and Pat Dempsey is the associate producer for Animal Planet. Aengus James, Colin Miller and Kathryn Haydn Hays are executive producers for This Is Just a Test. Charlie Foley, executive vice president of original content, developed the series for Animal Planet.


Network: Animal Planet
Genre: Reality
Runtime: 60 mins.
Premiere Date: July 27, 2014
Seasons: 2
Production Company: This Is Just a Test

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