Jake Zweig from "Dude You're Screwed" stars in the Discovery Channel reality series. He previously was one of the contestants in Season 3 of the History Channel reality competition series "Top Shot," coming in seventh place overall.

"Dude, You're Screwed"

Jake Zweig — a self-described redneck who grew up in the woods of Steilacoom, Washington — is the B.A. Barakus of this "A Team." He is merciless in this game, combining a lifelong passion for living in the outdoors with the legendarily intense SEAL training in the science of survival.

Jake graduated as the Officer in Charge of SEAL Class 217 with the following qualifications: Helicopter Castmaster, Dive Safety Officer, Range Safety Officer, and Advanced Fire and Movement Officer.

Jake's father started him out early, teaching him how to fish, hunt and shoot. At the age of four, Jake was shooting a real fiberglass youth bow, quickly moving onto his first longbow by age six.

Jake graduated from the Naval Academy and became Deck Officer on the U.S.S. Merrimack in the Persian Gulf. He gained his Naval Surface Warfare Qualification in six months, enabling him to enter SEAL Team 8, where he deployed to the Mediterranean.

Jake graduated from the University of Michigan with an MBA, which allowed him to turn his military experience to defense and security consulting with RGS consultants. Afterwards, he got the opportunity to follow his dream of becoming a football coach at the University of Maryland before moving to the University of the Incarnate Word Cardinals in 2012

Jake loves competition. He's the first one to turn up the heat in the "Dude, You're Screwed" game, bringing a frat boy sense of one-upmanship every chance he gets.

"Top Shot"

Jake is a college football coach from Barrington, New Hampshire. "If you line up 60 SEALs in a shooting competition," says Jake, "I will be in the top two every single time." This outspoken football coach for the University of New Hampshire is a former Navy SEAL officer who uses rifles and pistols for hunting and recreation almost weekly. With the achievement of taking a college team to the top of its division under his belt, Jake claims that "Top Shot" needs someone like him. "I out-work people, out-hustle people and figure out a competitive edge to win," he says. "It basically comes down to the fact that I have the innate ability to do the impossible consistently."

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Where does he live? Find out here.

Age: ∼44 years old
Current Residence: Barrington, NH

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bigmacktx says:
Jake is the type of personality that gives all shoters a bad name- over compenstaing for inferiorty complex/little man complex
wall says:
Not only does Jake give the show a bad name and the shooters.If he was a seal officer, WHO would want to be a Seal. It looks like a butt hole like that would get you killed and he would be the only one alive after. He is a disgrace, and a snake in the grass.
classylady says:
The worst sportsmanship conduct I have seen and he calls himself a "SEAL"? He came across as an abuser of everyone and everything that comes in contact with him. I hope he "enjoys" seeing his biggest rival come back and win. Excellent show.
duguay says:
Any kids parent that would allow this idiot to coach their son must be nuts. He is totally uncontrolled and undisiplined and can't controll himself, let alone young men. No one in their right mind would want a quitter to coach their child in a team sport, I can't believe a college would allow him after TOPSHOT to teach a dog class!

Who is he dating? What do you think of him?

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