Kellie PicklerSimon Cowell to Kellie Pickler, wearing black leather and heaps of eyeliner: The whole look was like 'Night of the Living Dead.' (4/11/06)

Simon Cowell to Kellie Pickler, after she sang "Suds in the Bucket": There are thousands and thousands of songs to choose from and you choose [a] gimmicky, rodeoey, lassoing, whatever song. (3/29/06)

Simon Cowell to Kellie Pickler: It's like you've gone to Dolly Parton School the way you look tonight. (3/14/06)

Simon Cowell to Kellie Pickler: Kellie, you are what is known as a naughty little minx...I kind of prefer you to last year's winner, actually. (3/7/06)

Simon Cowell to Kellie Pickler: I think America, if they haven't already, are going to fall in love with you. (2/28/06)

Kellie Pickler: What is CAL-A-MARI??