Kris Williams stars in Syfy's "Ghost Hunters" and "Ghost Hunters International."

Kris Williams ("Ghost Hunters") was born in Massachusetts and raised in New Hampshire as the oldest of three children. Her close-knit family was always open to the possibility of the paranormal—specifically ghost hauntings.

"My mom grew up in a house that was very active [with paranormals] and my father's side has had several experiences over the years," said Kris.

And although Kris was raised as a believer she still considers herself to be a big skeptic. She is known to not believe things unless she sees, hears or feels them for herself and is given the opportunity to personally debunk them.

These same strong opinions, keen analytical skills and her friendships with Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson are what brought her to TAPS. TAPS offered the opportunity to: have explanations for the things she'd experienced, indulge in her love of history and utilize her background in genealogy, which started off as a fourth grade school project and then turned into a life long obsession.

"Jason and Grant felt my experience with researching the dead through genealogy would carry over well in the field of the paranormal. They also felt they needed a no nonsense, rational female, who didn't scare easily and could also stand her ground in a group made up of mainly males," said Kris.

Before joining TAPS, as their historical researcher and investigator, Kris worked as a flooring installer and carpenter for three years. She's also worked in electronics and has a background in art and experience with photography, which has come in handy working for TAPS.


How tall is she? How old is she? Find out here.

Age: 36 years old
Birthday: February 20, 1981
Height: 5' 8"
Nickname: Bait
Birthplace: Lowell, MA
Hometown: New Hampshire

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ghtime says:
Way too "butch." She flies off the handle easy, taking things personally...and she has the biggest forehead I've ever seen!!! She was a carpenter for 3 years (nasty). Oh, and "no nonsense" is a joke. Anyone following her tweets can see the diff between her TV persona and the eternally teenage behavior she displays off the camera. Williamsis a narcissistic hyped-up disappointment.
jjjj says:
I think Kris Williams is awesome: I don't know who "ghtime" is and why he thinks he's such a stud, but I've dated 3 international models and I would take Kris out in a heart beat: she's SEXY!
133 says:
I Want Her Body Soo Badly...
chris says:
kris williams is one person i would love to meet and get to know i'm from lynn mass its her awsome personality and what she does i've never posted anything to anyone online forgive me if it sounds corny.
sss says:
when investigating any paranorm...take into account the year of the living-dead in question then compare attire! Kris/Amy /Donna L are all hot,sad that the ladies footware is not sexy-akk boots with heels,etc...& efidence /script are subject to tweeking tho there have been some credible footage segments...Eastern State Pen being one. & the bad music has got to go!

Who is she dating? What do you think of her?

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