Leo Temory from "The Amazing Race 2014" is one of the contestants in Season 24 of the CBS reality competition series. He is teamed up with his cousin, Jamal Zadran. Nicknamed the Afghanimals, they previously competed in Season 23, coming in fourth place. Leo is an entrepreneur and restaurateur who is the founder and owner of both the New York Deli and The Speakeasy. He is from Los Angeles, California.

The Amazing Race 24

Here is an interview with Leo Temory:

Describe what you do: I am a restaurateur and in the business of making sure people are never hungry and never thirsty.

Biggest mistake you made in your previous season: By far the biggest mistake I made was during the leg in Japan while I was constructing the robot. We had just gone from being last in the previous leg to first in Japan. I finished the robot before the other three teams, but when I was putting the arms in the torso, I accidentally turned them around and by the time I figured out what I had done wrong, the other three teams had finished and we were eliminated.

Most memorable moment from your first Race: The most memorable part of Season 23 was definitely the leg in Indonesia while I was constructing the angklung with all the students. For a brief moment, it put the race on pause for me and it felt like I was back in school. I wasn't in a hurry to complete the road block, I just wanted to enjoy the moment and entertain all the students. With all the good energy we received from the students, we ending up finishing the roadblock first and coming in first place! I'm actually starting an angklung store here in Los Angeles now, haha!

Favorite place you visited on your first season: My favorite place I visited in my first season was between Lisbon and Abu Dhabi. The history and people in Lisbon were amazing, and I could definitely see myself living there. On the other hand seeing the amazing advances, buildings, and technology in Abu Dhabi was breathtaking. Not only were those places great places to visit, they were also the places we had the most fun in!

Why do you want to run the Race again? I want to run the race again because I have to redeem myself. Jamal and I are so competitive in our day to day lives, it was so hard to go all the way to the end, and to go out the way we did. It's almost like making it to the Superbowl and missing the game winning field goal. We hate losing, and we lost in the most upsetting way. Not to mention it's an experience of a lifetime, and to be given the opportunity to do again is amazing, I cannot wait to interact with all the different cultures, visit more amazing countries, and drop a dash of the "afghanimal" spirit everywhere we go!

How have you changed since the last time you competed? I've been the same ever since I was born, however this time around I am more knowledgeable about how the race is run, how to interact with the different team members and I know how to build a robot.

What are you passionate about? I am passionate about traveling, cooking, friends, family, being active, film, sports, fashion, business, and being entrepreneurial and coming up with new and innovative ideas. My brain never seems to stop working.

People would be surprised to learn: People would be surprised to learn how humorous and genuine we are. I love to live life to the fullest and want to show the world and everyone we interact with that, yes, we are running the most competitive race in the world, but at the same time, we're staying true to our roots and not losing focus on what makes us who we are. Expect lots of fun, out of the ordinary, entertaining from the "afghanimals!"

Biggest challenge you and your teammate will face on The Race together: The biggest challenge Jamal and I will face is communicating with one another. Communication is key to every healthy relationship, whether it be between a husband and wife, coach and player or two cousins racing around the world. We are definitely communicating better every day, but since we are both so aggressive and competitive sometimes we can bump heads, but we get over it really fast.

Pet peeve about your teammate: My biggest pet peeve about my cousin is the fact that sometimes he doesn't listen. We both are hard headed and we both want to do things our own way. But we are a team, and compromises have to be made.

What country and place would you most like to visit and why? I would love to visit Spain! The way of life in Spain is something that I can relate to and I could see myself living there in the near future. The people there are some of the nicest people I have ever met, and I also speak Spanish so that would help!

What do you hope to accomplish by running The Race (other than winning one million bucks)? I hope to finish the Race. We came so close last time. I hate not finishing something that I start, and to be given another opportunity to run the Race is a blessing. This time I'm going to finish and hopefully at the same time, entertain the entire world!

Any strategic changes you will make heading into this Race: This time around we will be a little more careful of what we say and who we say it to. We want to make sure everyone gets to know us first before we start racing and becoming super competitive. Plus, we do not want to get u-turned twice again. In the beginning of our last season, we were unfortunately portrayed as being sneaky and manipulative, which wasn't the case. Certain teams didn't understand our humor and how we were running the race.

The Amazing Race 23

Here is an interview with Leo Temory:

Describe what you do: I own and operate a restaurant and recently opened a bar/lounge.

Three words to describe you: Smart, funny and friendly.

Favorite hobbies: Hiking, traveling, tennis and cooking.  

What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? Climbing Mt. Whitney, the highest summit in the contiguous United States, with no prior experience.

What famous person reminds you of yourself? Bill Gates.

What famous person reminds you of your teammate? Kobe Bryant.
What scares you most about traveling? Missing my flight or a bad taxi.

What excites you most about traveling? Meeting and interacting with different cultures.

Biggest challenge you and your teammate will face on The Race together: Sometimes my cousin doesn't listen or take my advice or direction to heart. I want to show him that I mean well and have him listen and be patient with me.

Pet peeve about your teammate: That he is very secretive and sometimes isn't serious enough.

What country and place would you most like to visit and why? Venezuela, because the women are beautiful in South America.  

What do you hope to accomplish by running The Race (other than winning one million bucks)? I hope to become closer to my cousin and show the entire world that Afghans are great, fun people and not just what we are portrayed in the media.


Where does he live? Find out here.

Age: ∼29 years old
Current Residence: Los Angeles, CA

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