Malcolm Freberg from "Survivor: Caramoan — Fans Vs. Favorites" is one of the contestants in Season 26 of the CBS reality competition series. He is one of the favorites, starting off in the Bikal Tribe. He previously came in fourth place in Season 25, "Survivor: Philippines." After starting off in the Matsing tribe, he was the 14th castaway voted off the island and the eighth jury member. He is currently a bartender in Hermosa Beach, California.

Here is an interview with Malcolm Freberg:

Personal Claim to Fame: Once I spent over a month with Abi-Maria Gomes, and I'm still considered legally sane by the state of California.

Inspiration in Life: O.J. Simpson before the murder trial. When he was a kid he had Rickets. For his birthday when he was still young his father took him to a signing to meet Jim Brown and O.J. hobbled right up to him and told him he was going to break all his records which he eventually did. I'm a sucker for underdog stories.

Hobbies: Exercising, writing/reading and partying.

Pet Peeves: Ex-TV stars.

3 Words to Describe You: Charming, brilliant and slightly-less cocky than the last time I did this.

If You Could Have 3 Things on the Island What Would They Be and Why? 1) Soap — Not for me; for whoever I end up cuddling with at night; 2) Book of puzzles — Your mind is a muscle and needs to be kept in shape; and 3) The Hidden Immunity Idol I never played in the Philippines — Early advantage. Seems obvious.

Contestant You Are Most Like: This feels like a trick question.

Reason for Being on the Show: I'm a super-fan of the show. Getting to do it once was incredible. To get a second chance … How could anyone say no?

Why You Think You'll "Survive": Experience plays a huge roll in any situation in life. I made it through 38 days the first time so I have to like my survival odds the second time around. Oh, and I'm also smart, athletic and nice to look at. 

Why You Think You Will Be the Sole Survivor: You play the game to win the game. I'm not on Survivor to "have a life-changing experience" or "grow as a person" or "see how far I can make it." Those things may happen, but that's not the reason I'm out there. The best thing I have going for me is my single-mindedness and focus towards a single goal: a seven-digit bank account.

"Survivor: Philippines"

Malcolm Freberg describes himself as charming, brilliant and cocky. In college, he helped to organize and run a program that paired varsity athletes with underprivileged children in a free-to-join sports league. It still exists today. He says his inspiration in life is "O.J. Simpson before the legal drama. When he was a kid, he had rickets. For his birthday, when he was still young, his father took him to a signing to meet Jim Brown, and O.J. hobbled right up to him and told him he was going to break all his records which he eventually did. I'm a sucker for underdog stories." Freberg's pet peeve is dumb people. His hobbies include exercising, writing, reading and partying.

If he could have three things on the island, he says they would be "hair ties — I can't see anything without them"; a "book of puzzles — Your mind is a muscle and needs to be kept in shape"; and "whiskey — to unwind after a hard day of challenge domination and competitor manipulation." When asked which former "Survivor" contestant he is most like, Freberg says, "I think I will play most like Russell. You can control and rule with an iron first. You just have to be clever enough for them to thank you for it in the end. I'll run the show from day 1 until I'm handed an oversized check with my name on it."

Freberg says he is on the show because "I've been watching 'Survivor' since I was 12 years old. Some kids grow up watching baseball on TV and dream of getting their chance to play in the big leagues. I grew up watching and dreaming about playing 'Survivor.'" He thinks he will survive and ultimately win because "I'm smart, I'm athletic and I'm nice to look at ... There's no reason to play the game if you're not playing to win. I'm not trying to see 'if I have what it takes' or 'how far I can make it.' The best thing I have going for me is my single-mindedness to be the champion."

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How old is he? Where does he live? Find out here.

Age: 31 years old
Birthday: May 7, 1986
Current Residence: Hermosa Beach, CA

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