"Monster Week 2014" is a programming stunt on Animal Planet.


Earth is ripe with obscure creatures and monumental mysteries that remain tucked away beyond the edges of the map, but this "Monster Week," these beasts have nowhere to hide. Animal Planet's giant of a week returns for its third year and is so large it needs nine days to tell the frightfully fun and over-the-top tales of the monsters that lurk below water and stalk on land.

Join Animal Planet's Showtime Eric Young as he hosts nightly premieres of programming, which include the network's marquee two-hour special, "Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys," special premieres of fan-favorite "River Monsters" and many more monstrous specials that transport viewers out of their living rooms and put them face to face with the colossal beasts that lurk just below the surface, and sometimes, right outside their front doors.

"Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys," from the creators of "Sharknado," serves as a frightening reminder that monsters come in all shapes and sizes and can attack when you least expect. Actors Shannen Doherty ("90210"), Christopher Lloyd ("Back to the Future") and Jason Brooks ("Days of Our Lives") star in the thriller set in small-town Michigan, where lampreys terrorize the residents, and each dip in the pool or trip to the toilet turns into a life-or-death situation. Looking for their next blood-filled victim, Lampreys, which are eel-like fish with huge-toothed, funnel-like mouths, insinuate their slimy bodies throughout the town's sewer system. There is absolutely nowhere to run, and no one is safe. When are they going to strike next? Who's the next victim? The only thing you can be sure is that it's going to suck — big time!

For those who survive the blood lake, they're in for a final "Monster Week" treat. The week concludes with the season finale of "River Monsters." Extreme angler Jeremy Wade dives deep into South American waters to investigate the legend of the "Water Mama," a monstrous beast that leaves carnage behind and blood in its wake. People are disappearing without a trace, and Wade is determined to uncover the truth behind this beastly mystery. But, as he gets closer to debunking the myth, he learns he may actually reveal "killer mermaids."

Not all the action in the most anticipated week in cable takes place in the water. On land, "Monster Week" has you covered with "Nature's Most Wanted," a special that follows a quest to find and relocate a gigantic crocodile that is tormenting a local village and "Man-Eating Zombie Cats," about big cats with an incurable pathogen and a sensational thirst for human blood.

"Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys" is produced for Animal Planet by The Aslyum. Erin Wanner is the executive producer and Hilary Tholen is the producer for Animal Planet. For The Asylum, David Rimawi is executive producer, David Michale Latt is producer, Paul Bales is a co-producer and David Garber is the associate producer. The project was developed for Animal Planet by Vice President of Development Andy Berg.


"Monster Week" is back with all-new stories about the world's most legendary and mysterious creatures. Monster Week, a week so big it lasts eight days, digs deep into our fascination with the unknown and proves that there are still real monsters out there…

Perhaps the most haunting, lingering imagery from last year's "Monster Week" is the physical evidence linked to the existence of mermaids. In "Mermaids: The Body Found," Animal Planet stunned viewers with captivating footage and an in-depth investigation of these fantastical creatures. Toward the tail-end of this year's Monster Week, Animal Planet revisits this startling, groundbreaking topic in the much-anticipated follow-up special, "Mermaids: The New Evidence." In an exclusive interview with Dr. Paul Robertson, former NOAA scientist who led last year's investigation, journalist Jon Frankel probes for the unfiltered story and reveals new evidence of mermaids that only has come forward in the past year.


There are monsters lurking in your living room, and they're creeping out of your television! On Monday night, the monster is a man-eating fish that could mutilate you with one bite. On Tuesday, it's a supersized snapping turtle that could chomp off double digits. Later in the week, the behemoth is bigfoot, still slipping by our investigative team. And then, when the weekend concludes, the monster might be a mermaid — not the singing, animated kind — but the fanged, frightful type that most likely exists deep below the water's surface.

This spring, Animal Planet unleashes the beasts for its first-ever Monster Week, hosted by "River Monsters"' Jeremy Wade. For eight nights, the mysterious menaces of the animal world take over the network's lineup, beginning with amped-up episodes of Animal Planet's best-performing series, "River Monsters," featuring lost footage as well as all-new monster-sized episodes scattered throughout the week and the season finale.

Then, "Monster Week" reveals the world premiere of "Croc-Zilla," chronicling the live capture of the world's largest saltwater crocodile, and a never-before-seen episode of frosh series "Gator Boys." Animal Planet also rolls out new episodes of fan-favorites, including "Call of the Wildman," starring "Turtleman" Ernie Brown, Jr., and "Finding Bigfoot." Let's hope we spot the ever-elusive sasquatch this round!

"Monster Week" culminates with a stunning, two-hour feature that claims the existence of the lost, mythical sirens of the sea in "Mermaids: the Body Found." Throughout history, people from nearly every culture have spotted or spoken about this half-man, half-fish anomaly. Amped by stunning CGI and animation, "Mermaids: the Body Found" details the first-hand accounts of a team of government scientists who testify they've found the remains of a never-before-identified sea creature with ties to human origins. In a story about evolutionary possibility grounded in scientific theory, experts reveal the natural history of mermaids and show us what they looked like, how they lived and how they could have evolved but remained hidden ... until now.

A Real Mermaid Revealed On Animal Planet?


Network: Animal Planet
Genre: Reality
Premiere Date: May 18, 2014

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