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'Long Island Medium': TLC Sees the Dead

Premiering Sunday, September 25, the new reality docu-series follows a real-life psychic medium as she takes clients on an emotional and spiritual journey with the afterlife.

Theresa Caputo of "Long Island Medium"
Theresa Caputo Long Island MediumAugust 29, 2011

Larry Caputo Sr. of "Long Island Medium"
Larry Caputo Sr. of "Long Island Medium"
Lawrence Giacomo Caputo of "Long Island Medium"
Lawrence Giacomo Caputo of "Long Island Medium"
NEW YORK, NY — Theresa Caputo seems like your average mom from Long Island, New York. She takes care of her husband and two children, runs errands, goes to work every day, but also happens to have a very special gift... she talks to the dead. On Sunday, September 25 at 10pm ET/PT, TLC will premiere "Long Island Medium," a new series that follows real-life psychic medium Theresa Caputo as she takes clients on an emotional and spiritual journey with the afterlife. As a psychic medium, Theresa has an ability that most people can't comprehend. She spends her days helping individuals find closure and connects people to their loved ones who have passed in order to validate that they are still with them. For Theresa, this is not just her job, this is her life, as she tries to balance the past with the present on a daily basis. TLC has ordered eight half-hour episodes of "Long Island Medium."

In each episode of "Long Island Medium," Theresa's work/ life balance is put to the test as she juggles her readings and her family. Her husband Larry and children Victoria and Larry have learned to live with Theresa's mediumship, but it is certainly trying on their relationships. They believe that in the Caputo house, spirits are always coming first. But for Theresa, there is no "turning off" her gift. Whether she is grocery shopping or getting her nails done, someone from the other side is constantly trying to contact her to pass a message on. Each episode also focuses on Theresa as she conducts private and group readings, with both believers and skeptics. As she goes about her day, Theresa is also compelled to spontaneously give messages to people anywhere she goes. Her entire existence is chronicled with managing the hopes of complete strangers and the daily trials of regular life, bringing about new challenges for her each and every day. Between the spirit world and our world, there is Theresa's world, where she is simply trying to strike a happy medium between her family life, work like, and the afterlife.

"Long Island Medium" is produced by Magilla Entertainment for TLC.
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