Premiering Monday, March 26, the new Oxygen reality docu-drama looks to find "Jersey Shore" drama in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn 11223 cast
February 21, 2012

NEW YORK, NY — Oxygen takes viewers to the small, close-knit community of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and surrounding neighborhoods including Coney Island, Brighton Beach and Bensonhurst in Oxygen's newest docu-series "Brooklyn 11223," premiering on Monday, March 26 at 11PM ET/PT. The series provides a voyeuristic look into the lives of a group of twentysomething friends whose once rock-solid friendships have been torn apart by betrayal.

Bay Ridge was made famous by the iconic film "Saturday Night Fever" thirty-five years ago. The film's coming-of-age themes of longing for escape and rolling with a tough crowd remain very much the same today. Nothing is more important in these Brooklyn neighborhoods than loyalty, respect and family. This is the story of someone who may have broken that code during an evening clouded in mystery when one friend may have betrayed another by seducing a boyfriend. Vividly shot in a lush documentary style that showcases the urban streetscapes of Brooklyn, "Brooklyn 11223" follows the story of childhood friends Joey Lynn and Christie and their respective group of friends as they spend their summer learning about themselves, the bonds of friendship and the price of betrayal.

Meet the "Brooklyn 11223" cast:

Joey Lynn Tekulve, 24, has a tough girl exterior, but when it comes to her friends nothing is more important. She is very close with her mother and even works as a bartender alongside her. She has recently come to terms with the death of her father, a loss she has long ignored. Subsequently, Joey Lynn struggles with complex issues with her friends and the opposite sex. Joey Lynn is comfortable with the life she has made for herself in Bay Ridge, but knows she will thrive beyond Brooklyn. Holding on to these dreams, Joey Lynn no longer has an interest in the men in her area and instead loves the single life with her crew.

Christie Maria Livoti, 22, lives for the loyalty of her friends. Her temper is constantly flaring up in confrontational situations, and she always finds herself affected by the betrayal of her former best friend, Joey Lynn. Christie is currently in a serious relationship with Matthew, and loves spending as much time with him as possible, but the ongoing conflict between her and Joey Lynn causes constant friction. Christie is strong willed and stubborn, but is not afraid to show her vulnerable emotions to all.

Amanda Rae is the typical Bay Ridge girl; she holds true to being a good girl, but lets loose with a foul mouth and a heavy attitude. She is a very close friend of Joey Lynn, and puts loyalty at the forefront of her life. She attended college to study Speech Communications. Her boyfriend Sal is a big part of her life and she is best friends with her mother. Amanda is not afraid to go crazy and get wild, but her allegiance to friends and family is key.

Valona — Her friends are extremely important to her and she's very overprotective of them. Usually the last to back down in a conflict, she has quite the temper. When she goes out with Joey Lynn and the girls, she lets loose and parties hard. Valona grew up in an Albanian/Muslim family and has been hiding certain things about her lifestyle from her mother, but feels she wants to be upfront and honest in order to have a closer relationship with her.

Carla Cozzolino — With a party-hard attitude and a 'don't dish it out unless you can take it' style, Carla is the ultimate package. She is a devoted friend and stands by Christie's side through all the rough times. Carla comes from an Italian family and currently lives at home with her mother while she copes with a recent breakup. Carla's signature look includes styling a feather earring on one side – no matter the color or the size. Recently her relationship with her childhood sweetheart came to an end. Single for the first time since the age of 14, Carla swiftly enters the party world.

Angelina is a major mouth piece, with a bucket full of zingers that have never been heard before. Despite her loud personality, she is carefree of people's opinions towards her. She is a rebel who hosts the weekly pool parties for Christie and the gang, and knows her attitude is easily reflected in her emotions whenever a confrontational situation arises. She is always in the know, and is constantly chatting about the juiciest Bay Ridge drama to Nick and Chris. Angelina is down to party and have a good time, but when it matters, will always have her girlfriends' backs.

"Brooklyn 11223" is produced by Ish Entertainment with Michael Hirschorn, Wendy Roth, Ethan Goldman and Lenid Rolov serving as executive producers.