Premiering Wednesday, June 6, the new Discovery Channel series follows a pair of hot rodders as they search for rare classic cars and restore them for profit.

Aaron Kaufman, Richard Rawlings, Scot McMillian Jr. and KC Mathieu Fast N' Loud
May 21, 2012

SILVER SPRING, MD — Most people think the countless number of vintage vehicles rusting in overgrown fields, abandoned back lots, and musty garages across America are just junk. But for automotive mastermind Richard Rawlings and mechanical prodigy Aaron Kaufman, these cars — from '57 Chevys to '73 Trans Ams — are goldmines.

From Pilgrim Studios and Executive Producer Craig Piligian ("American Chopper," "Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe") comes "Fast N' Loud," an all-new series premiering on Discovery Channel Wednesday, June 6th at 10PM E/P. The show follows Rawlings and Kaufman as they return these derelict rides to their former glory and get them back on the road — but not without putting their own spin on them first.

Richard, a Fort Worth native and owner of the Dallas-based Gas Monkey Garage, has always had an extreme passion for cars. He owned three hot rods by the time he graduated from high school, and even took a bullet in the early '90s fighting off a carjacker who tried to steal his '65 Mustang 2+2 Fastback.

Aaron, a restoration visionary, is entirely self-taught. A naturally talented mechanic determined to make things his own way, it was easy for him to fall into hot rod work — and his sharp skills and eye for design landed him a job at Gas Monkey Garage.

Richard and Aaron need big projects — and big profits — to keep Gas Monkey's doors open. Together, they travel the back roads of Texas, scouring barns, swap meets and open fields in search of rare rides to restore. Once Richard wheels and deals for a good price, the real work begins back at the garage, where the guys race against the clock to finish the job in time for auction. Time is money at Gas Monkey Garage — and Richard and Aaron can't afford to lose either.

"Fast N' Loud" is produced for Discovery Channel by Pilgrim Studios; Craig Piligian and Eddie Rohwedder are executive producers. For Discovery, Craig Coffman is executive producer.