Set to debut next year, the Animal Planet reality series will take the boys far from home as they tackle nuisance gator cases for the unwary residents of Mississippi.

Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle Gator Boys
August 1, 2012

NEW YORK, NY — In its first hit season, Animal Planet's "Gator Boys" introduced us to Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle — two men who defy death capturing alligators with their bare hands. In season one, which averaged nearly 1 million viewers (958K, P2+), the "Gator Boys" wrangled many an ornery gator in their home state of Florida — relocating countless reptiles from locales such as master bedrooms and outdoor cafés to the safety of a gator farm. In 2013, the one-hour reality series will embark on its second season, taking the "Gator Boys" far from home as they tackle nuisance gator cases for the unwary residents of Mississippi.

It takes serious skill to do what the "Gator Boys" do. Paul is known for his commanding personality and unmatched expertise, capturing any-sized gator underwater with his bare hands. And Jimmy has been gator wrestling since he was 11 years old, giving him the unmatched ability to handle nearly any dangerous reptile with ease.

In the second season of "Gator Boys," Paul and Jimmy are fishes out of water — taking up residence at Gulf Coast Gator Ranch in Moss Point, Mississippi. The guys quickly learn that Mississippi gators won't be showing them any Southern hospitality — the reptiles are bigger and meaner, which means the captures are even wilder! The home of Gator Boys Alligator Rescue in Florida has run into issues with its lease so the guys take the show on the road; teaching a few willing Mississippians how to gator wrestle and continuing the rescue program on the steamy gulf coast.

"Gator Boys" is produced by Mike Mathis Productions. Dawn Sinsel is executive producer for Animal Planet. Mike Mathis, Brian Puterman and Eric Streit are executive producers for Mike Mathis Productions.