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'Alaskan Steel Men' Reveals Dangerous World of Metal Welders

Premiering Friday, August 30, the new Discovery Channel series goes to Kodiak, Alaska, where metal welders have some of the most extreme and dangerous jobs around.

Dennis Butts in "Alaskan Steel Men"
Dennis Butts Alaskan Steel MenAugust 22, 2013

Dean Dries in "Alaskan Steel Men"
Dean Dries in "Alaskan Steel Men"
Dean Dries in "Alaskan Steel Men" - © Discovery Channel
"Alaskan Steel Men" cast members Scottie Dries, Jameson Weeks and Dennis Butts
"Alaskan Steel Men" cast members Scottie Dries, Jameson Weeks and Dennis Butts
LOS ANGELES, CA — Dennis Butts and his wife Theresa certainly don't have typical day jobs. Together, they own Quality Marine of Alaska and have assembled some of the best welders and pipe fitters in the business. "Alaskan Steel Men," premiering Friday, August 30, at 10 PM E/P on the Discovery Channel, will take viewers to the harsh environment of Kodiak, Alaska, alongside the extreme metal welders who have some of the most dangerous jobs around.

"You name it, we fix it," Butts said. "No matter how tough you are, Mother Nature is tougher. We're talking boats sinking to the bottom of the ocean. You make a mistake, people die."

Butts' weapon against Mother Nature is fire and steel. From welding underwater in icy cold seas to stop massive boats and oil barges from sinking, to sealing a crack on a vessel that struck some ice, there is no job too big or risky. The team is fearless and never hesitates to put their lives on the line to get the job done.

The "Alaskan Steel Men" cast includes:

• The Boss: Dennis Butts, a strong, charismatic leader who inspires his employees to push themselves beyond their limits.

• The Right Hand: Scottie Dries, a perfectionist who can weld just about anything.

• The Rising Star: Cooper, a former U.S. Marine who comes back to his native Alaska to seek out big fortunes.

• The Greenhorns: Dean Dries, who genuinely wants to be a welder but seems more prone to lighting himself on fire, and Jameson Weeks, who is always looking for some trouble.

• The Diver: Duke, who is willing to take on any challenge

• The Pipe Fitter: George, the brains behind the operation and about six steps ahead.

The 3-week series will give an up-close look at a world most people will likely never experience — and the crew who somehow find themselves caught up in some major white-knuckle crisis. But how long can this group of men keep going before something goes terribly wrong?

"Alaskan Steel Men" is produced for Discovery Channel by Lizard Trading Company. John Moffet serves as executive producer for Discovery. Liz Bronstein and Harry Lowell served as executive producer for Lizard Trading Company.