The network has ordered seven episodes of the reality series that offers teens and young adults a fresh start.

Bulloch Family Ranch cast
October 8, 2013

ATLANTA, GA — UP, America's favorite channel for uplifting family entertainment, will bring the hit original unscripted series "Bulloch Family Ranch" back for a second season in 2014 with a mix of brand-new and returning Ranch "kids" all grappling with dramatic, major milestone life events, the network announced today. Production on seven episodes has commenced in Lakeland, Florida.

"In its successful first season, 'Bulloch Family Ranch' spectacularly delivered on UP's promise to bring our viewers emotionally compelling real-life stories as part of our uplifting unscripted series slate," said Leslie Glenn Chesloff, evp, programming. "It was the highest-rated series premiere in UP's nine-year history, and as such, we are thrilled to bring the show back for a second season in 2014."

"Our viewers – both on-air and online – found parents Rusty and Julie Bulloch, their biological children Brodie and Amanda, and their at-risk 'kids' to be warm, authentic, accessible people with huge hearts," said Barbara Fisher, svp, original programming, UP. "The Bullochs' extended family continues to grow, as viewers will see this season. As such, this family remains as big an inspiration to us at the network as they have been to the now 30-plus teens and young adults they have helped and loved for over two decades."

"We are excited to return to Lakeland, Florida this month to film the next chapter in Rusty, Julie, Brodie, Amanda, Steven, and little Raylee's hectic, inspirational lives for 'Bulloch Family Ranch,'" said Todd C. Stevens, "Bulloch Family Ranch" showrunner and director. "The second season will introduce a new crew of 'Ranch kids' who strive to achieve under the warm roof and watchful eyes of Rusty and Julie. As we return, the Bulloch family continues to make a real difference in the lives of young adults that find themselves in the worst circumstances. We are proud that this series can continue to bring these personal challenges and triumphs to light."

In partnership with Peace Point Entertainment, "Bulloch Family Ranch" chronicles the dramatic everyday adventures of Julie and Rusty Bulloch, a fun-loving working class couple that juggles multiple jobs to make ends meet. Together, they are the proud "parents" of currently more than 30 kids. Only two, Amanda and Brodie, are biological. The rest are teens and young adults who have lived at—and periodically returned to – the Bulloch Ranch during various times of dire need. For almost two decades, the Ranch has served as a place where troubled teens and young adults are welcomed with open arms and given a chance to get back on the right track. Rusty and Julie are committed to giving all their "kids" a stable, caring, nurturing environment along with the tools they need to become productive adults. 

In the upcoming new season, viewers can expect the Bullochs to reveal even more of their hearts, generous spirits and good works as new and much-loved returning faces join the family fold and struggle with major life decisions and events.  Viewers will meet 21-year old single mother Ciara, and discover how a series of bad decisions by those closest to her have left this complicated, beautiful young woman utterly broke, pregnant again and in need of some love and stability. Her relationship with past Ranch kid Shawdell (currently serving a three-year term in prison) is at a turning point. In addition, high school football player Jordan, 17, returns to face multiple challenges—his senior year, his shoulder injury recovery, and his distracting girlfriend. Twenty-one-year old Wilson continues to work and save up for his wedding by living at the Ranch. This being his second stay with the Bullochs, Wilson now thinks of himself as "an older, wiser voice" among the "kids." Finally, talented scholarship footballer and former Ranch kid Claude Davis, 25, also returns to regroup, train and focus on his crucial upcoming tryout for the Tampa Bay Bucs.

To be sure, there's never a dull moment when it comes to the Bullochs. Structure, discipline, love, faith, respect, amazing down home cooking and crazy pranks abound as the original UP Premiere series "Bulloch Family Ranch" continues. 

"Bulloch Family Ranch's" debut on Wednesday, July 17, 2013 was the highest-rated series premiere in the network's nine-year history, and reached 5.9 million viewers* over the course of its seven-week run, according to Nielsen data released by UP. 

"Bulloch Family Ranch" is produced by Peace Point Entertainment Group (Les Tomlin, Executive Producer) and Cry Baby Media (Danny Passman, Executive Producer). Created and produced by Ian Wisniewski. Todd C. Stevens is showrunner and director.

* Source: Nielsen L+7 & LSD blended cume "Bulloch Family Ranch" 7/17/13-8/28/13.