Premiering Wednesday, October 12, the 32nd season of the MTV reality docu-series features seven strangers moving into an upscale loft in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood without knowing that there are seven other people coming to crash their party.

Real World Seattle: Bad Blood (2016) cast
September 7, 2016

SANTA MONICA, CA — After 31 seasons, "Real World" is revisiting the Emerald City with a fresh new twist that's sure to up the ante for the latest crop of roommates when "Real World Seattle: Bad Blood" premieres with back-to-back episodes on October 12 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

The 32nd season of "Real World Seattle: Bad Blood" has seven strangers move into an upscale loft in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood with the hope of starting an exciting new chapter in their lives, but what they don't know is there are seven other people coming to crash their party. The roommates will be given the opportunity to revisit a particularly difficult relationship in their lives, capturing their efforts to work through their "Bad Blood" while living under one roof. We watch as the first group of houseguests settle in, while the second group - exes, rivals and estranged family members - are set on a collision course with the people they dislike most in the world! Before long, the second group of roommates invade the house and both groups are confined to the same space. Now, the fourteen must learn to co-exist, resolve their unfinished business and move beyond the conflicts of the past.

Before kicking off, let's get to know more about the fourteen roommates that move into the house in this iconic reality series.

Meet the roommates:

Anika Walker
24, New York, New York
Twitter: @NikaRashaun

Bad Blood: Will Groomes, 24, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Twitter: @Prettyboy_will1

Exes, Anika Walker and Will Groomes dated for three years, during which Anika was constantly annoyed that Will couldn't match her dominance. She needs a man who can say "no" to her which is something Will never did. Will admits to fearing Anika's temper and attitude problem. When the relationship ended, Will didn't really leave her life, since he was best friends with Anika's brother.

Jordan Anderson: 21, Chicago, Illinois
Twitter: @jordiedanielle

Bad Blood: Orlana Russell, 21, Ypsilanti, Michigan
Twitter: @or_lanaa

Jordan Anderson and Orlana Russell couldn't be more opposite. Jordan, who is very much in touch with her feminine side and Orlana, a bohemian tomboy, seem like an unlikely duo, but the two spent years being the best of friends. The friendship came to an end when a video of Orlana's crush, Anthony, surfaced on Jordan's social media. Orlana grew jealous and felt that Jordan began to choose sex, partying and superficiality over their longstanding friendship.

Katrina Stack: 23, Micanopy, Florida
Twitter: @katrinaaoxx

Bad Blood: Anna Stack, 25, Orlando, Florida
Twitter: @stackanna
Sisters, Katrina and Anna Stack have a deeply rooted sibling rivalry and dramatically butt heads over everything. Usually prompted by Anna's mood swings and Katrina's selfish tendencies, their rivalry launches long bouts of silence between the two and resentment toward one another.

Mike Crescenzo: 25, New York, New York
Twitter: @mtvmagicmike

Bad Blood: Peter Romeo, 24, Deerfield Beach, Florida
Twitter: @romeo_peter

Mike Crescenzo and Peter Romeo are a prime example of why living together can be problematic. Before moving in together, Peter and Mike were best buddies and the ultimate party partners in crime. Their friendship changed when Peter broke their "no girlfriends" rule, and as Mike puts it, moved his girlfriend of three days into their bachelor pad.

Robbie "Maserobbiee" Padovano: 22, Marlboro, New Jersey
Twitter: @maserobbiee

Bad Blood: Jennifer Geoghan, 24, Hoboken, New Jersey
Twitter: @jennifersworldd

Exes, Robbie Padovano and Jennifer Geoghan first met at one of the clubs the self-proclaimed, "Maserobbiee," (Maserati + Robbie) DJ's at. By the end of the night, after following Jennifer around like a "puppy dog," she finally gave into his charm, despite first describing him as a "tool bag." After dating for a few months Robbie's jealous nature emerged. A couple years older than Robert, Jennifer was of legal drinking age and enjoyed going out to bars and clubs. Her party lifestyle infuriated Robbie, who was underage at the time and didn't trust her around other men. The issue festered, and the two began acting out to make each other jealous which didn't end well for either of them.

Theo Bradley: 23, Kankakee, Illinois
Twitter: @iamtheophi

Bad Blood: Kassius Bass, 21, Charleston, Illinois
Twitter: @King_Kollos

Feuding cousins, Theo Bradley and Kassius Bass were thick as thieves and best friends until a dorm room bust altered the course of Theo's future forever and created a rift that even family ties couldn't mend.

Tyara "Tya" Hooks: 21, Alpharetta, Georgia
Twitter: @ItsTya

Bad Blood: Kim Johannson, 23, Alpharetta, Georgia
Twitter: @TheRealKimJ

Tyara "Tya" Hooks and Kim Johannson haven't liked each other from the start. They went to high school together and according to Tya, Kim has never liked her. They have dueling social media platforms which is where the foundation for their rivalry originated. The root of the problem stems from Tya's accusations that Kim posted videos of Tya on social media mocking her.

"Real World" was created for MTV by Jonathan Murray and Mary-Ellis Bunim of Bunim/Murray Productions. Jonathan Murray, Gil Goldschein and Jim Johnston serve as executive producers of "Real World Seattle: Bad Blood."

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