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Past Lives
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Guest 2-10-10 7:57 am
Past Lives

This show will be lucky to get a second season.  Very lame!!!!! It lost me with the line about Angry White Men, must be Republicains.  Whoever is writing this stuff should be taken out back and hit with a bat.
Guest 2-18-10 7:35 pm
too real

25 years ago my former wife  had a freind who I was unable to be without.It was an obsestion. We could read each others thoughts,We knew where the other was most of the time as well as what the other was engaged in.She was more wild than I was so it was driving me crazy,with help she broke the connection,I never did.She did open my eyes to past lives for better or worse.
  The program tonight reminded me of those times so long ago and as far as  I understand the whole back to us both dying in a mine shaft back in the Great Gold Rush of 48. Running head long into someone with whom you have had intense past live connections with can be a real out of body experience
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