Episode 103

It's Valentine's Day! Rose takes Natalie on a romantic getaway. Later, Natalie strips down to lacy lingerie and surprises Rose with sexy pin-up photos over dessert. Sufficiently wined and dined, the ladies continue celebrating back in their hotel room.

Jill enlists her best friend Derek's help in picking out the perfect Valentine's Day gift for Nikki. Nikki treats Jill to private dance lessons to gear up for their first dance as wife and wife.

Tracy is craving alone time with Stamie, but the kids come first. The pair finally happily reconnects over lunch with the whole brood. Stamie later surprises Tracy with a key to her house.

Whitney throws herself into her work on an indie film. Accustomed to operating behind the camera as a special effects artist, she's surprised but totally game when the producer calls to offer her a leading role in the movie. To get in shape for the part, Whitney hires a gorgeous, kick-ass trainer who threatens to derail all of her good-girl plans. Later Romi lures her back into bed for some Valentine's fun.

Mikey is hurt when Raquel has to work all weekend. So she decides to focus on giving her aunt, a recent cancer survivor, a surprise makeover at a swanky salon where, to her surprise, Romi is a make-up artist. Later, Mikey, Romi and Whitney hit the town for drinks. But Mikey heads home alone to an empty house.

Episode 104

Mikey hits the road to Las Vegas for a fashion tradeshow and checks into a pimped out penthouse suite. When Raquel calls to say she's catching the next flight to Sin City, Mikey gives her assistants an unexpected new task – booking a wedding chapel. Now, if only Raquel can make her flight…

Stung by Alyssa's reprimands, Whitney comes clean to Tor about her romantic entanglements. Tor is hurt but tags along with Whitney on a night out at the bar – only to face Whitney's girl drama head on when both Romi and Whitney's trainer crush, Miranda, show up at the club too.

Nikki and Jill love the sketches their wedding dress designers present, but aren't so thrilled by the price tag on the custom-made gowns. Overwhelmed by the ballooning budget, Jill goes against Nikki's wishes and tries to bargain with their wedding planner to cut costs.

Natalie's job search leads her to Rose, who offers her an assistant gig. The idea of working together might give her pause, but Rose is drowning in office work and pressures Natalie to help.

Tracy ponders a career change after a modeling agent scouts her at Stamie's comedy show. Indeed, her job as a Hollywood studio exec is exhausting and Tracy confesses to Stamie that she's at a crossroads – maybe a new gig in front of the camera is just what she needs.

Episode 105

Having landed in hot water her LA lovers, Whitney can't wait to hit up San Francisco and rekindle her flame with Sara. After a blowout party, the two return to Whitney's hotel room for a sexy swim and shower. But when Sara talks about her proclivity for unattached sex, a rarely insecure Whitney fears their romance may be one-sided.

Natalie's anxiety about quitting her job boils over into a screaming match with Rose at a family engagement. Rose's anger at Natalie for fighting in front of her father leads her to plan a hot night out with friends…and strippers.

Nikki and Jill come to a happy agreement with their wedding planner on costs, but Nikki is upset to learn that custom-made dresses will break their budget. Fortunately, she finds the perfect dress in-store and buys it on the spot, while Jill's indecisiveness leaves her without a dress for the big day.

Out of options, Mikey commits to tenting an outdoor space at Sunset Gower Studios for Fashion Weekend. It's a fix, but not a cheap one, and it leaves Mikey and her team scrambling to find the extra dollars. Fortunately, she has a new, big-name designer on the line that could put her company back in the black. Can she close the deal in time?

Tracy continues to grapple with her mom's refusal to talk about her sexuality or her relationship with Stamie. There's a lot Tracy wishes she could share with her mom, like her new modeling career, especially her first gig in a national lesbian magazine! Look out world – Tracy's coming out, with or without her mom's blessing.

Episode 106

Her stripper night having gone undiscovered, Rose enjoys brunch with friends while Natalie hits up the spa with her sister, Leslie. Later, Rose meets Natalie's mom for the first time over dinner and they hit it off, but good spirits are marred by news from Natalie that her mom is sick.

Tracy reconnects with her sister Amy over lunch and learns that their mom has been pumping Amy for info on Stamie. Tracy's happy that her mom is showing interest but wishes they could speak directly. Her patience is wearing thin – especially with Amy seeming to take her mom's side.

Nikki and Jill scout wedding locations in Malibu and Nikki falls in love with the first home they tour. She's ready to sign and spare no expense but Jill wants to explore other options – and keep their growing budget in mind. Ah, the art of negotiation with two brides to be …

In relationship limbo with Sara, Whitney goes out with Tor and suddenly finds herself the jealous one when rumors start to fly that Tor is hooking up with Scarlett. Whitney calls Tor out on the suspected dalliances; one minute they're fighting and the next they're …

Mikey arrives in New York to host a press event for her Fashion Weekend clients. She's excited to build buzz for her designers but when the editors fail to show, Mikey drowns her anxiety in champagne at a raging club. Fortunately, the editors show on day two – but will Mikey make it out of bed?

Episode 107

With Fashion Weekend just one week away and her to-do list a mile long, Mikey's nerves are maxed out. She flips out on her staff and tries to decompress over dinner with Raquel. It's a rare evening together for the couple and a chance to reconnect– but Mikey's head is back at the office.

Nikki and Jill are hosting their first Passover Seder as a couple and call in their favorite interior decorator to consult on a new dining room table. However, a new table quickly becomes new paint, new curtains, new everything – until the renovations come to a crashing halt.

Whitney takes out her sexual tension with Tor in a high stakes game of paintball – winner tops all. But the next day, Whitney hosts the house party to end all house parties – and possibly her relationship with Tor – when Romi shows up to stake her claim.

Rose is dealt a blow when the rock of her world – her grandmother – is rushed to the hospital. Is the emotional roller coaster that unfolds enough to send Rose running back into the arms of her ex-girlfriend?

Tracy consults a psychic and gains some shocking insight into her past. She calls her mom to share the details of her reading – and to invite her out to LA for her 30th birthday. Is Tracy's mom finally ready to share in her daughter's life as Tracy so desperately wants?