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Season 4

The Fantasy seems endless for Rob Dyrdek and all of the employees at Dyrdek Enterprises in Downtown Los Angeles. Season 4 kicks off with the return of Rob's good friend and former bodyguard, Christopher "Big Black" Boykin, co-star of the beloved MTV hit series, Rob & Big. Big Black is welcomed warmly into the Fantasy Factory ensemble, moving into his own office in Corpo to run his business, BB enterprises. Along for the adventure once again is Rob's cousin and bonafide mini-mogul, Chris "Drama" Pfaff, the king of the awkward jungle, Scott "Big Cat" Pfaff and the blonde and bubbly, "rapping receptionist," Chanel West Coast. This crew, along with all of the employees of Corpo, help to make Rob's insane ideas and ridiculous adventures more than just a reality, but a way of life. Season highlights include Rob and Big Black fronting a death metal band called "The Bleeding Frogs," the whole cast invading Mardi Gras to rebuild a skate plaza and ride a custom-made float, Rob helping to transform Drama from a "Peckface" into a "Man Dime," forming a dead serious dodgeball team named "The Dodging Devil Donkeys" and watching Rob get run down by a 400-pound Bengal tiger. With special appearances by Justin Bieber, DEVO, Braco the healing gazer, and Rob's Midwestern mom, Patty Dyrdek. Just when you thought his life couldn't get any more obscure and insane, Rob pushes it all to the next level in this new chapter, solidifying it as the most exciting and hilarious season yet.

Season 3

In "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory" Season 3 on MTV, the insanity continues for skateboarding legend and business mogul, Rob Dyrdek, inside the walls of his continually evolving canvas of creativity known as The Fantasy Factory.

In the most ridiculous season yet, Rob has created even more possibilities for absurd times and incredible skate sessions by building more ramps and obstacles to what was already a skateboarder's paradise. Some of this season's highlights include the invention of the world's first skateboarding car, jumping out of a five-story building, attempting to get towed onto a big wave in Kauai with the help of Laird Hamilton, and attempting to make the world's most expensive grilled cheese. Rob continues his tradition of discovering new alter egos, adding to his personality repertoire as infomercial-fitness-expert named Barry Bright, and a stylish eighty-year-old man named, Stan.

Faithfully along for another chapter in the journey is Rob's young cousin and protégé, Chris "Drama" Pfaff, who now finds himself perched atop the concrete skate plaza in a sleek new office alongside Rob. Also returning this season are Rob's painfully awkward skate tech, Scott "Big Cat" Pfaff, the cute, rapping receptionist, Chanel Dudley, and Rob's constantly cautious manager, Jeremy. With special guest appearances by Chad Ochocinco, Travis Barker, Laird Hamilton, Danny Way, Ryan Sheckler, The Game, Pharrell, Paul Rodriguez, world champion drifter, Vaughn Gittin, Jr., and pro-skater Torey Pudwill, Season Three is no doubt an instant classic.

"Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory" is executive produced by Jeff Tremaine, Rob Dyrdek, and Shane Nickerson. Liz Gateley, Lauren Dolgen and Michelle Klepper are the MTV executives in charge of production.

Season 2

The fantasy continues for skateboarding legend Rob Dyrdek and his crew as they return for another quirky season of chaos and laughter at the "Fantasy Factory." Packed with guest stars and even more action, season two is the" Fantasy Factory" at a whole new level. Along with Rob for the insane journeys are his cousin Drama, his naysaying manager, Jeremy, the "rapping receptionist," Chanel, and Rob's awkward, injury-prone skate coach, Big Cat.

This season, the ridiculousness reaches new levels as Rob purchases and then jockeys his own racehorse, teams up with musician John Mayer to write an apology song for Rob's mom, races alongside Ken Block in a miniature rally car, and triumphantly returns to the stage as Bobby Light with a little help from Travis Barker at a Blink-182 show. As always, the biggest and most obscure dreams become reality from within his headquarters — a fully skate-able, 25,000 — square-foot warehouse in downtown Los Angeles known as "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory."

Season 1

Rob Dyrdek has spent most of his life turning fantasy into reality. Even as a young skateboarder, Rob defied all odds by going pro at the age of 16. Since then, Rob has always believed that even the wildest fantasies are possible if you commit to making them real. Fans of MTV's "Rob and Big" know that he proves it by embracing, pursuing and achieving the products of his own imagination.

Although Rob may be best known for his eccentric pursuits (like owning a Mini Horse or his quest to travel through time), he is also an extremely likeable skateboarding icon blessed with shrewd business sense. Rob is a hustler, with a laundry list of business ventures he's trying to chase down. The MTV series "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory" will follow the ridiculous action and comedy that seems to follow everything he takes on. Get ready to experience Rob Dyrdek on a whole new level.

"Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory" won't find our skateboarding hero lounging around and scheming at the familiar Rob and Big house in the Hollywood Hills. Instead he's commanding operations in a massive, 25,000-square-foot industrial — and fully skate-able — warehouse and office complex near downtown Los Angeles. This is the new home of Dyrdek Enterprises, the veritable nerve center and hatching ground for all of Rob's crazy schemes, business plans and uniquely ridiculous ideas.

Anything from zip-lines and giant skateboards, to trampolines and indoor blobbing can be achieved in "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory."

Somewhere between Diddy and Willie Wonka is where Rob lies as a capable entrepreneur with a comically offbeat way of realizing his own fantasy world and the new facility is the launching pad that will allow him to chase down his wildest ideas and whims.

But, you ask, will there be Drama? Of course there will be Drama! Rob's cousin and longtime assistant will be on hand in "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory," still employed as Rob's inept and constantly put-upon assistant.

In addition to weekly visits to "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory" we'll get to know the characters inhabiting the Dyrdek Enterprises warehouse. From Rob's slick manager to the blurred out maintenance man, to the blonde-haired "gangster rapping" receptionist, to the reclusive, socially awkward skate coach. . This is a cast of characters to say the very least.

Plus, expect to see well-known guest stars dropping in to "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory," such as Danny Way, Johnny Knoxville, Pharrell Williams, Travis Pastrana, Ryan Sheckler, P-Rod, Steve Berra and Eric Koston, as well as the familiar couple we can thank for bestowing Rob on this world, his loveable parents, Pat and Gene Dyrdek.

Get ready to visit "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory," where strange and wonderful dreams come true.


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