Sean Casey from "Storm Chasers" is the TIV Chief and Champion Storm Chaser on the Discovery Channel documentary reality series.

Sean Casey says, "I was on Christmas Island for six weeks filming red crabs mating and migrating to the seashore to deposit their eggs in the Indian Ocean. The island had a large enough population to support a public library but was small enough to give me 'island fever.' So I'm doing a lot of reading, because the crabs are slow to mate this year for some reason or another, and one of the books I've checked out is on storm chasing and the idea hit me to go out to the Midwest with an IMAX camera and see how hard it was to film tornadoes. On the very first chase day I was hooked and have been going out each year for the past nine seasons. Every year I got more comfortable with the act of chasing tornadoes and each year I had the desire to get closer. So I came up with the concept of building a vehicle that we could actually drive into a tornado. With the TIV we could film the action up close where all the drama and power is found and do so in the relative safety of a 16,000-pound armored vehicle."

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rick says:
Sean, You are EXTREMELY egotistical, arrogant and flat out annoying. I love the show “Storm Chasers” and unfortunately you really suck so bad that I have to prerecord the show and when your annoying-ass pops up I fast forward just so I don't have to be exposed to your dumb***! Gee mister KNOW IT ALL! You have your so team pissed off at you and some guys are even quitting because of your arrogant-ass. How many times have you been so JEALOUS of Reed that you acted like a LITTLE CHILD! YES SEAN! YOU ARE A LIITLE CHILDISH MORON WHO NEEDS TO BE DUMPED FROM THE SHOW AND REPLACED BY SOMEONE WHO IS A PROFESSIONAL AND A TEAM PLAYER! Joel and Reed BLOW you away! They don't have the major ego's you have. I really don't know how you can get your big FAT HEAD into a motel room?!! Not to mention into your piss poor TIV! YOU SUCK! I WISH YOU THE WORST OF LUCK! And you really don't have to worry about me you idiot! You will self destruct your team, and even if you don't Reed and Joel will continue to kick your *** and make you look like the childish fool that you are. Gee Sean, did you get your *** kicked in the play-ground so much that now you are having to make up for it! You always must have been a spoiled BRAT, because it sure shows. Just like when you sang that Reed song when Reed went into Mississippi, “My names Reed and I'm made for TV and I like Trees” That really showed how childish you really are. The Discovery Channel needs to dump you on your big flat head that you have, and find someone without an ego the size of Mt. Rushmore. Final comment; YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
urmom says:
Rick sucks. Sean is awesome. If it wasn't for Sean this show would just be an educational show. Suck one Rick.
pacific says:
Really! Sean Casey is what this show is all about. Reed Timmer and his bucktoothed band of whiners can jump up me arse. Sean has the guts and the wherewithall to conduct his team in a professional manner. Rick (above) is waaaay off the mark!! FINAL COMMENT Rick - You suck!!!
remo says:
No, I really have to agree with Rick. Sean totally sucks. He whines all the time and he really seems like a weak, pathetic person and a very terrible leader.
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