"Sister Wives" on TLC brings viewers inside the rarely seen world of plural families.

The engrossing series follows Kody Brown, his three — soon to be four — wives and their many children. "Sister Wives" explores the complex daily life of a polygamist family. "Sister Wives" introduces audiences to husband Kody — along with his three wives: Meri, Janelle and Christine, and their combined 13 children — showing how they attempt to navigate life as a "normal" family in a society that shuns their lifestyle. From their unconventional family structure and living arrangements to financial challenges, each half hour episode exposes the inner workings of a polygamist household, revealing the unexpectedly tight-knit and loving relationships between Kody's wives.

The series also captures the intense dynamics surrounding a man juggling three wives while attempting to keep it a secret from the outside world — but the general public is not the only challenge that the Brown family unit is facing. The series begins with Kody announcing plans to take on another wife and her three kids — and although expected, the news is met with mixed feelings. Meri, Janelle and Christine were married before starting families so all of the children grew up as siblings. And for sixteen years, the "Sister Wives" have established their own role within the group and worked together to maintain a cohesive, loving unit. Bringing on a fourth wife could easily disrupt the balance, changing lives forever. The series chronicles the growing pains as Robyn and her kids assimilate into the family and the sister wives work through the insecurities and uncertainties that are inevitable to their chosen way of life.

Season 4

After living in separate rental homes for the past two years, the Browns are one step closer to fulfilling their dream of being together under one roof, moving into four adjacent houses in the same neighborhood. But now they have four large mortgages and a struggling start-up jewelry business. Meanwhile, Meri finally decides on whether or not to accept Robyn's offer to be her surrogate, but will Kody agree with her decision? And as more kids prepare to leave the nest, Kody and the wives have a surprise in store that will rebuild the closeness the family once shared back in Utah.

Season 5

Last season, we left off with the Brown family hosting a Commitment Celebration to celebrate the family being back together again, where they shared a family mission statement declaring the ideals they are working towards. Unfortunately, the harmony instilled by the reception is already gone as the Browns face one of the most chaotic weeks since the panicked move from Utah.

This season, tensions are high as the family tries to lock in investors for their fledgling jewelry business. With 4 mortgages and 3 kids already in college (with more following fast), pressure to make money is at an all-time high. Robyn is so overwhelmed with the workload, she gives Kody an ultimatum. While the family stresses over business plans and pitch meetings, Janelle faces a crisis of faith in her ability to keep losing weight. Later in the season, we catch up with the Brown kids in college and Meri's plans for the future may just surprise everyone.

Season 6

The sixth season will pick up where last season left off and dive right into the aftermath of Meri's legal divorce.

Kody and the sister wives — Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn — are at a crossroads in their relationship. While the divorce from Kody was supposed to be just a document shuffle, it has become nothing like what the family thought it would be. So much has changed and the whole family struggles to figure out how to move forward.

In addition to the shifting family structure, the Browns begin their journey to legally adopt Robyn's children from a previous marriage. Kody also takes his youngest daughters to the beach in an attempt to bond more with them, and Robyn announces her pregnancy to the family, kicking off the countdown to her due date.

Season 7

Kody and the sister wives — Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn — are put to the test like never before after Meri confesses to being catfished into an online relationship with a woman impersonating a man. The family — devastated and confused — struggles to come to terms with the situation and enlists the help of their therapist to begin the long healing process and build back the trust that was lost.

Despite this family conflict, there is still plenty of celebrating within the Brown household as wedding bells and a new baby are in the near future. Madison takes her relationship with Caleb to the next level, announcing to the family that she is engaged and moving to Montana to be closer to her fiancé. The news is met with overwhelming excitement and everyone wants to be a part of the planning process.

With one of their older children preparing to walk down the aisle and another about to enter the world, the Browns have their hands full. Robyn and Kody have the final meeting with their midwife before the birth, and they do their best to prepare Solomon for his baby sister while the rest of the family waits to welcome the Brown's 18th child. There is a chance that this could be the last baby to enter the Brown family and it will be an emotional one for everyone.

On top of the world after the birth of beautiful Ariella Mae, the Browns get another amazing piece of news — the entire family is going to Hawaii! The trip is simultaneously spectacular and totally crazy, as the dynamic of traveling with that many people and personalities always is; but it gives the family much needed time to bond and reconnect after an emotionally exhausting year.

"Sister Wives" is produced by Advanced Medical Productions on behalf of TLC. Executive producers for Advanced Medical Productions are Bill Hayes, Kirk Streb, Chris Poole and Tim Gibbons.

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Network: TLC
Genre: Reality
Runtime: 30 mins.
Premiere Date: September 26, 2010
Seasons: 7
Production Company: Advanced Medical Productions

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lynn says:
Are you kidding me? I will never watch TLC again. How can you promote this behaviour and why aren't these people arrested. This is disgusting.
lori says:
Shame on you TLC!!This is sick and aganst the law!I will also not watch you show's anymore your the devil!!
tlc says:
ever time i see that woman that says gosh darn it makes me sick!!gosh darn stupid its illegal!!!!
jane says:
It's all about Kody. When Meri asked him how he'd feel if she were with another man, he said it would repulse and disgust him. So, how do you think the 3 wives feel? In order for Meri to keep him, she had to accept all this? I very much like Meri, Janelle and Christine. Robyn arrived appearing as a homewrecker, if that makes sense.
toomuch says:
Polygamy: a psychological intrigue. Kody seems very immature, teenager-like. It all seems codependent for the women. I suppose it's no different than what many males do: go out and sleep with whoever, whenever. There are plenty of cheaters. In Kody's world, nobody minds enough to throw a fit, I guess.

Got spoilers? What did you think of the last show?

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