Season 2

Episode 201

Jay Russell and the team expose an underground fight club and find themselves in the middle of a family smackdown. Then, a man in a chicken suit bites off more than he can chew when he tries to carjack England Simpson and Jay. And later, Jay and the team face off with a renegade repossessor.

Episode 202
Jay goes deep undercover to get to the naked truth behind a strip club theft. A domestic disaster explodes when a mother hires Jay to investigate her once drug-addicted son. And the team journeys deep into the woods to take down a group of poachers.

Episode 203
Jay goes undercover to bust a suspected hooker and flushes out an even bigger problem. Later, the team takes to the high seas and uncovers a hidden drug den. When the criminals are revealed, Jay is forced to fight for his life.

Episode 204
Jay tracks a limo driver who may be giving his customers a ride in more ways than one. Then, Jay and England go undercover to bust a sex store shoplifter. Later, Jay is accused of illicit activity at a local bar and suspects an imposter has been smearing his good name.

Episode 205
An undercover operation in a run-down trailer park exposes an illicit love triangle. And later, it's a nightmare in the kitchen when a half-pint chef and full-ton line cook turn an investigation at a BBQ competition into a five-alarm fire.

Episode 206
Jay's life dangles on the edge when a drug-bust-gone-bad forces him to dive head first into a speeding ice cream truck. Then, the team devises an elaborate scheme to trap a group of illegal hunters. But when darkness falls and the bullets start flying, the team unravels a shocking twist.

Episode 207
Jay's surveillance of a baseball player's wife puts him in the warpath of a crazed stalker. Later, the team goes undercover to rid a small town of a dirty, drug-dealing cop.