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Season 3

Season 3 features southern beauty Paige Duke, a season 2 fan favorite who has decided to give love another chance and has signed on to be the new bachelorette. This time, Paige will be faced with the tough decision of city versus country in her search for Mr. Right.

The "Sweet Home Albama 3" contestants looking to win Paige's heart include Andy Batkins, Austin Squires, Bubba Thompson, Chance Lawrence, Christian Lopez, Christian O'Rourke, Danny Bopp, David Ellermann, Donny Fallgatter, Dustin Tavella, Jeremiah James Korfe, Jeremy Levesque, Joey Vida, Landon "Tex" Chase, Marcello Palmieri, Matt Beard, Paige Duke, Ryan Borup, Seth Tidwell, Severn Lang, Shaun Bigos, Shaun Smith and Todd Doram.

Season 2

"Sweet Home Alabama" Season 2 stars the runner-up from season one, Tribble Reese, who has decided to give love another chance, signing on to be the new bachelor. This time, he will be faced with the tough decision of city versus country in the search for his Ms. Right, choosing between girls from all across the country who are heading to Alabama to help mend his broken heart.

The "Sweet Home Albama 2" contestants looking to win Tribble's heart include Alexandra Agro, Ashley Ann Vickers, Cassidie Sheets, Cassie Cardelle, Cassie Rupp, Chiara Strzesiewski, Colleen Aldrich, Courtney Wilkerson, Erin Stack, Hailey Glassman, Jacqueline Honulik, Jessica Newsom, Kristina Kraus, Mandy Sanders, Michelle Weaver, Nicole Ross, Paige Duke, Stefanie Williams, Tara Bowlin, Tiffany Ginger, Torie Mathews and Tristan Smith.

Season 1

"Sweet Home Alabama" (CMT TV show) is a reality dating series featuring ten "city slickers" from big cities and ten "country" guys from small towns vying for the affections of Devin Grissom, a beautiful southern girl from Alabama. In order to win her heart, the guys from across the country compete in challenges to win time with this modern day southern belle. In each one-hour episode set in the charming city of Fairhope, Alabama, Devin says goodbye to more of her suitors in the hopes of finding her true love and someone her family approves.

"Sweet Home Alabama" is produced by Glassman Media ("Three Wishes") with executive producers Andrew Glassman, Grant Julian and Carrie Franklin. Claire McCabe and Jayson Dinsmore are executive producers for CMT.

Season 4