Tami Roman from "Basketball Wives" joins the cast for Season 2 of the VH1 reality docu-series. She is Kenny Anderson's ex-wife.

Tami Roman grew up in a middle middle class single parent household in White Plains, New York. Since her mom worked three jobs to support them, Tami spent many days and nights alone, undoubtedly a "latch-key" kid responsible for raising herself. It wasn't until Tami's mother met and married Ali Akbar that her childhood changed drastically. Ali, a devout Muslim taught Tami the value of higher education, spiritual foundation, and strong family values. Although, it was the Muslim culture that would subconsciously teach Tami that women should be submissive and eternally supportive of their husbands, as they are the head of the household.

Falling in line with the culture may have worked for Tami, but not her mother. Upon Ali's infidelity, Tami's mother immediately divorced him, leaving Tami broken and confused. The only man that she associated unconditional love with was snatched away and the only woman she ever loved and respected became a hardened, skeptical, workaholic. Tami would spend the better part of her life trying to find love lost and working hard to never become as distant as her mother.

Over the next couple of years, Tami and her mother would go through many trials and tribulations. Bonding beyond belief, to the point they appeared to be more like sisters than mother and daughter. Especially when they were forced to live on the streets for six months because her mother was unjustly terminated from her job, they stuck together, faced the toughest of storms and developed a relationship that would stand the test of time. Tami didn't attend her prom and almost didn't participate in graduation ceremony because she couldn't afford her cap and gown. All of life's down points helped Tami and her mother to become strong, independent, knowledgeable, humble women who know, understand, and appreciate the value of life.

Tami entertained a career in the modeling field before securing what seemed to be an answered prayer, when at 22 she booked a role on MTV's hit reality show "The Real World." Tami and her mother were suddenly in an upward swing, as Tami booked several guest starring roles on TV shows and became a full-time guest VJ for MTV. In fact, it was the latter that would further change Tami's life forever. While working in New York for MTV, Tami attended a birthday party with a friend and met her future husband Kenny Anderson.

Tami, not a follower of basketball, had no idea who Kenny was when she met him and Kenny, a watcher of BET and not MTV, was just as clueless. The only thing they were sure about was there was an undeniable chemistry between them that they both wanted to investigate.

Tami and Kenny talked over the phone for one month getting to know each other. Still neither one of them brought their careers into the equation. In fact, Tami found out that Kenny played basketball when he invited her to a game. Sitting in the stands, awaiting his arrival, it wasn't until the game announcer yelled "Kenny Anderson" that Tami finally knew whom she was courting. Since Kenny was used to dating women who were familiar with him, he expected Tami to come to the tunnel after the game. She didn't have a clue and continued to wait in the stands. Needless to say, Kenny left Tami at the arena, causing him to do some pretty heavy making up.

Kenny took Tami to dinner to apologize and as they sat there, many people watched them in awe. Kenny expressed that he didn't want to be bothered that evening and hopefully people would leave him alone. At that moment, a young woman approached the couple and asked for an autograph. Kenny hesitantly agreed, asking "Do you have a pen?" The woman replied, "Yes, but not yours…Tami's…I just love you on 'The Real World.'" This would be the first time that Kenny became aware that Tami was just as famous as he was and he liked it. He instantly quipped, "This is going to be my wife."

The rest as they say is history. Their relationship brought a great deal of media attention. Some newspapers even touted Tami as the reason for Kenny's sudden All-star quality of play. Tami and Kenny were inseparable and eight months later, the two were married in front of 500 guests on a yacht that cruised around Manhattan. Tami was instantly thrust into a life of luxury…she was a player's wife. Kenny Anderson was the hometown hero and she was his confidante.

Over the next 6 ½ years, there would be ups & downs, but Tami's Muslim upbringing forced her to stick by Kenny. Seeing him through all of his personal business ventures, including but not limited to: starting his fan club, starting and co-managing his sports public relations company, securing promotional deals with Toyota and Burger King, and eventually overseeing David Falk's negotiations with the Portland Trailblazers which ended up landing Kenny a $56 million contract. Tami was a real dominant motivating force in Kenny's life, which is why she was shocked, hurt, and felt extremely betrayed to find out about his infidelity. Tami followed in her mother's footsteps and hit the road. Tami took time out to do some soul searching, in which she decided to channel her energies towards her career. In fact, since her 2001 return, Tami has made numerous guest starring appearances on shows like "JAG," "One on One," "Drew Carey," and "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" and has had several recurring roles on shows like "Summerland" and UPN's "Sex, Love and Secrets." Additionally, she landed series regular roles on two ABC pilots and UPN's "Talk Show Diaries."

As if this weren't enough, Tami has also appeared in such independent films as Universal Films "Tara" with Isaiah Washington, "Sacred is the Flesh" with NAS & Elise Neal, "Hot Parts" with Sticky Fingaz, "Hair Show" with Mo'Nique, "Tears of a Clown" with Don "DC" Curry, "South of Pico" with Henry Simmons, and "The Last Stand" with Guy Torrey & Anthony Anderson, in which she plays a female comedian, who along with several other young comic hopefuls, all pursue the Hollywood dream amidst a backdrop of lies, pain, and their own personal hurtful truths.

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How tall is she? How old is she? Find out here.

Age: 47 years old
Birthday: April 17, 1970
Height: 5' 9"
Full Name / Real Name: Tami Akbar
Birthplace: Mount Vernon, NY
Husband: Kenny Anderson (8/26/1994 - 2/15/2001, divorced, 2 children)

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raspberrykay says:
I love Tami Roman for being frank and accepting her own mistakes as this will help her move on and become more better person.
chanel says:
Tami is a real woman who knows accepts her faults and is willing to get back at her feet to show the world shes a changed woman. I can totally relate to her.. Go Tami!!!
chefcay says:
Tami your amazing!! Be strong and good luck with life and kids!
250thy says:
U r so pretty... Please slap the sh..t out of Evelyn for me... U seem like the only one that has a. Backbone on tha show...
bestyboo says:
I believe everything will work out in Tami's favor. She is such a strong woman and i know she can handle herself in ANY situation. I want to see more of Tami.
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