Tim Samaras from "Storm Chasers" is the TWISTEX Lead Principle Investigator on the Discovery Channel documentary reality series.

Tim Samaras says, "My passion for storms and tornadoes started at a very early age. I've always wanted to know how things worked. Between the ages of six and eight, I was sneaking appliances into my bedroom and taking them apart to see how they worked. One evening during this period, I was taking apart my mom's blender when she came pounding on the door for me to sit with her to watch a musical on TV. Since my mother wanted me to become a well-rounded individual—and I was feeling a little guilty—I went along and watched what at first I thought was a rather boring show. It was an old black and white movie about a teenage girl and her dog somewhere in Kansas. When I was just about to fall asleep, it came…the tornado! It's true! That tornado in the Wizard of Oz lit the fire that still burns inside me today."

"When I was nine, my mother tried to get me to join a softball team, but I was so fascinated with the storms that often developed over the Rocky Mountains west of Denver—and the softball field—that I usually tuned out of the games. The coach stuck me way out in the outfield where I could generally avoid touching the ball, bit I missed enough pop-flys—watching mother nature perform her magic with developing thunderstorms—that the coach finally told my mom to not bring me back for any more games."

"Chasing has been a part of my life for over 25 years. I actually started scientific chasing about 10 years ago when I developed the next generation of tornado probes that provide meteorological data from inside of tornadoes. To date, I've been able to deploy my probes in a dozen tornadoes, where a bounty of first-ever datasets of tornado core measurements have been collected and published."

"Perhaps the most memorable chase was on June 24, 2003 where I dropped a probe in the path of an F-4 tornado that produced an astounding 100 millibar pressure drop. Our measurement of this record pressure change still stands today and helped confirm research models data that had predicted such ranges. I dropped that probe only 60 seconds before the tornado passed over our location. Certainly too close for comfort! I've also developed another probe that has seven cameras on the inside. Six of the cameras are arranged in a 'ring array or circle each having a 60 degree field of view. With these six cameras, a complete 360 degree cover is possible as the tornado passes over the top of the probe. The seventh camera provides an incredible view looking straight up."

"We currently run a scientific field program called TWISTEX (Tactical Weather Instrumented Sampling in Tornadoes Experiment). This field program collects data from the tornado and parent thunderstorm using precision instrumentation. This helps us understand why tornadoes form and how they can become so powerful."

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