Toya Carter from "Toya: A Family Affair," whose full name is Antonia Carter, stars in the BET reality docu-series. She previously starred in BET's "Tiny & Toya."

When she was 12 years old, Toya Carter met Dwayne Carter in their hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. By the time she was 14, they were in love, and she was pregnant. By 22, he'd become "Lil Wayne," and she was a divorced single mom, living in Atlanta.

Toya struggled against the insecurities that had long trapped her. She found the courage to write an autobiography, "Unwrapped: Life Before and After Lil Wayne," to help other young girls who are scared and alone. With a drug-addicted mother and absentee father, "the old Toya" knew all about scared and alone, but by the end of the season, "the new Toya" had come to terms with her past—she'd realized she can't change her mother, and she'd even convinced younger brother Rudy to clean up his act and move in with her. She'd even broken free of Wayne, going on her first blind date with NFL player, James Hardy, who was cute and sweet and an all-around gem.

Now, Toya is ready to jump into a bright new future. But when you've had a troubled past and little guidance, how exactly do you do that? Carefully. That's how.

Take James, the world's best blind date ever—is this what she wants? Another celebrity? Another powerful man with another big career? What happens to Toya in that scenario? And just as important—what happens to Reginae? For a woman who has spent half her life focusing on her nearly 11-year-old daughter, Reginae, motherhood comes first. And what about her own mother? She knows she can't change her, but can she get Anita to change herself?

Maybe what Toya really wants more than anything is to help the little girl inside her who never got to be a daughter. The little girl who still needs her mom. And Toya knows Anita needs to be a mom. Maybe she can't change her mother, but what she can do is get Anita to take a bold step and check herself into rehab. After all, if she can't use her money and privilege to help her family, then what's it all for anyway?

Toya Carter — BET Star's Hubby Arrested for Bringing Gun to Airport


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Full Name / Real Name: Antonia Carter
Hometown: New Orleans, LA

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babygirl says:
Hey Toya this is Victoria and i am one of your really big fans i been really wanting to come to Alanta to see you,Tiny,and the OMG girls they are soooo good.Toya don't worry about what these haters say about you just live your beautiful life and forget about your would really like if you and Tiny,or the OMG girls have a concret in ATL so i can come you so and get your autogragh.When i see you i'm going to say i'm Victoria the girl that was writing you.People say me and you look alike some times they like there goes Toya.And when they say give me your autograph i'm like i'm not Toya.But any ways i want you to teach me some style i already have a style but i like the way you dress and hope your family is doing better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shae says:
Hey Toya my name is Shae and i just wanted to let you know I'm your biggest fan every since I found out about you and your life it's like WOW I always looked up to you and i believe you can do it. Some people call me "lil Miss Toya" because they say we look alike well I'm looking foward to meeting you and have an awesome life raising Little Reginae.
mrbastine says:
haha my sister jammie on tv na lol you look good sissy
shequeet says:
hey toya my name is shequila me and my mom watch your show everyday. I think that you are a strong and independent woman. You are truly a role model for your daughter and female in the world. Keep doing what you doing and never change for anyone god bless you and your family.
brynesha says:
hey how are you i been looking at yo shows and i think you is a very postive women an you love ya family cause as i was looking you did everthing for your family made sure they was strighti i think me and you are alike im 15 and really look up to you as y sister i love looking at your shows and when you open your shop i was so happy just like when i got 6 a`s on my report card .
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