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Troy's shirt
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Guest 5-14-11 6:19 pm
Troy's shirt

Troy we love you. I am from BatonRouge. But live in Carrollton Georgia now. Watching the show reminds me of home.  

but why do you wear the same shirt all the time?
Guest 5-16-11 6:39 am

history asked him to use same shirt. then they can edit and combine several different days of film together.
Guest 7-4-11 11:17 am

i want a troy shirt like the one he wears all the time
Guest 7-31-11 11:13 am
looking for a Troy shirt for somone very special

I have been trying to find a shirt exactly like Troys. It is my stepfathers birthday and that is the only item that he asked for. Scott(my stepdad) and my 6 year old brother are obsessed with your show! They practically watch it everynight. It is really important to me to find a shirt exactly like Troys because my stepdad has been such a big part of mine and my mothers life. He has worked hard to build a family and take care of us, unfortunately last month he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Although he is going through chemo now and the outcome is looking really good I would love to be able to get him a birthday present that he would really enjoy to say thank you for all hes done for us...Any ideas on how to get one???  if so i would really appreciate an email at would really appreaciate it!!
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