Wes Bergmann from "The Challenge: Rivals II" is one of the contestants on Season 24 of the MTV reality competition series in summer 2013. He is teamed up with his rival, CT Tamburello. Wes and CT have hated each other for years, primarily because Wes always sees CT as a threat. These two power players make it their mission to get each other out of the game. Wes also accused CT of dating Diem Brown just for the show.

Wes previously competed in "The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons," in which he was teamed up with his fellow cast members Lacey Buehler, Melinda Stolp and Danny Jamieson from "The Real World: Austin."

Rivals II

Wes and CT have one of the most infamous rivalries in "Challenge" history. Their tumultuous past dates all the way back to "The Duel," and most recently flared up on "Rivals" when Wes tried to take CT out of the game. "I'm paired with someone who's threatened my family's life, who I've gotten in screaming matches with in four or five different countries, that I legitimately am scared of," Wes explains. However, these two savvy players understand they'll need to keep the peace in order to bring home a win. CT promises, "We may not be the best of friends now, and we may not be the best of friends in the end, but we both want to win. We're gonna give everyone a run for their money." Ever the bad-boy Romeo, CT ends up romancing his ex, Diem, but also cozies up to several other girls in the house for political purposes. Wes may finally have a pit bull for a partner, but can he keep him on his leash? Or will CT's impulsive personality send this power team packing?

Battle of the Seasons

Elite veteran Wes Bergmann is the game's notorious political mastermind. But how will Wes fare on a team with two divorcees and a rookie? Wes fears, "In my team it's difficult to say whether I'm a leader ... or the glue. Danny and Melinda will never be fully over each other, and I don't know what to expect out of Lacey athletically." Wes' true incentive comes in the form of record-breaking game stats, as he brags, "When my team wins this Challenge, I will go down in history as being the person who has won more money from MTV than anybody else." Can Wes guide his team to victory? Or will Austin's complicated past ruin their chance of taking home the prize?

Battle of the Exes

Wes picked Mandi Moyer as his partner on "Fresh Meat II" despite having reservations about her ability to compete. But Mandi held her own over the course of the season and even outlasted Wes during The Exile elimination. The two began hooking up on "Rivals," but Wes admittedly messed things up with Mandi afterwards, confessing, "We were about to be boyfriend and girlfriend, and I just kind of dropped the ball because my business took off and I got so stressed." However, Mandi didn't just sit around waiting for her redheaded man. She explains, "I made a big move to St. Louis and I'm living with my new boyfriend." Now that Mandi is taken, will Wes be able to move on from his feelings? A love-struck Wes confesses, "If I had to choose between winning the prize money or winning Mandi back, I would have to say Mandi." Only time will tell if Wes comes out a winner ...


Wes is paired up with his rival, Kenny Santucci. A former "Real World: Austin" housemate and self-proclaimed "Challenge addict," Wes loves reminding everyone that he won the biggest cash prize in "Challenge" history for his victory on "The Duel." Despite humiliating back-to-back defeats in the "The Ruins" and "Fresh Meat II," Wes returns with his mega-sized ego intact, and his determination to win stronger than ever. But this time around, he'll be paired with his greatest enemy. Wes is less than thrilled, "He is one of the dumbest individuals I've ever met." Will former champion Wes pull it together and work with his nemesis to win another "Challenge"? Or will this alpha-dog head home with his tail between his legs? 

Fresh Meat 2

Last seen on "The Ruins" where he defied an entire house that hated him, the controversial and abrasive Wes Bergmann returns on "Fresh Meat 2," hoping for a smoother ride. But don't expect this diabolical puppet master to play nice. Known for making enemies and charming the ladies with his bad-boy appeal, Wes is also a fearsome competitor with multiple wins under his belt. Love him or hate him, the one thing you can guarantee is that there is never a dull moment when Wes is around! He is paired up with with fresh meat Mandi Moyer.

The Ruins

Since winning "The Duel," Wes has put his record breaking prize of $125,000 to good use, going back to school and double majoring in marketing and entrepreneurial management. Another big change for Wes has been the end of his engagement to fellow "Challenge" vet, Johanna Botta. But that hasn't made Wes give up on love, as he comes to "The Ruins" with a surprising new girlfriend — KellyAnne Judd! Emotional, yet insensitive; conniving, but judgmental; heartfelt, while insulting, Wes is the man that everyone loves to hate. It's no different as Wes arrives in Thailand to find that he instantly has enemies on his own team ready to take him out of the game! However, you don't want to mess with this fearless competitor — if you come at him, he'll come right back at you, even harder!

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How old is he? Who is he dating? Find out here.

Age: 32 years old
Birthday: September 10, 1984
Birthplace: Leawood, KS

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